The Route

Flying into Seattle, I will then get off to a flying start by getting the train south to Vancouver, WA. For the first stage of the tour I will use maps produced by the American Adventure Cycling Association. I will follow the Lewis and Clark route across Washington, Idaho, Montana and then onto Bismark, ND. Then I will transfer onto the Northern Tier route across the rest of North Dakota, down Minnesota and Iowa, then across Illinois and Indiana to Monroeville.

I will then leave the route and head north towards the Canadian border. If I am allowed into Canada, then I will head right across Ontario towards the Niagara Falls. Crossing back into America will signal the final push of the tour, across New York State and finally into and across Massachusetts into Boston.

Stage one: Vancouver, WA to Monroeville, IN

Stage Two: Monroeville, IN to Batavia, NY

Stage Three: Batavia, NY to Boston, MA

American Adventure Cycling Association Map:


2 responses to “The Route

  1. Iain

    Keep it going young man! What an amazing experience!

  2. Rael Yudelman

    ride well
    cape town Yudelman family

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