Day 58: O Canada

With a very short side to the border, there was not really any rush this morning. After an omelette breakfast courtesy of Cliff, i was packed up and on my way to the great white north. The bridge that separates the countries is called the peace bridge and was very nice to cross. Bikes get to go on the sidewalk, so i was across in no time.





No problems getting through passport control, i did have a brief shock when i approached an unexpected toll both. I had absolutely no money, not Canadian nor US. Fortunately as i stopped, i was told that bikes aren’t allowed this way and was shown another, free, option.

My main reason for visiting Canada was to visit Alicia (a friend from my time in Paris) and her family. We had agreed to meet at the duty free section, so i headed there. After meeting, we headed for the exit but soon found ourselves heading back over the bridge to the US. After a bit of confusion, we managed to convince the border control of the mistake and made our way into Canada. Alicia lives in port Colborne, around half an hour from the border. After getting settled, and meeting her parents, Pat and Ed, we headed to see the Niagara Falls. The falls themselves are really impressive, but the surrounding area is really quite tacky, like a miniature Disney land.





After the falls, we decided to go to a haunted house. This is without a doubt the scariest haunted house ever. You basically follow red lights on the roof along a corridor, in the pitch black while people jump out at you. It was a haunting experience that will live with me for a long time.

Adequately terrified, we headed home for thanksgiving dinner. Without realising until a few days ago, i had managed to time my visit perfectly for thanksgiving, although it did mean that Brett and Leila couldn’t make a visit to join us. Alicias aunties and grandparents joined us for thanksgiving, it was a really good dinner.

After dinner, Alicia’s friends came over and we headed out into the wild night life of port Colborne. Our first and only stop for the night was the belmont. Since visiting, I’ve really been trying to come up with a way to adequately describe the place, i am still trying. If timing my visit with thanksgiving weekend wasn’t lucky enough, we managed to visit the belmont on karaoke night. Baring a human disaster, no one that performed that night performed will ever make it big. But what they lacked in talent, they certainly made up for in effort. The belmont is a unique place and a must visit attraction for anyone visiting Canada.

Still scared from the haunted house, and the even more haunting sights from the belmont, we headed home and to bed. Rest day here tomorrow. Hopefully going back to the belmont for thanksgiving dinner.



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8 responses to “Day 58: O Canada

  1. Kathleen

    You are getting close to the end!!!


    Pity Iain and I were not there to sing love shack or me an Bonar could have done house of the rising sun. That would have made the haunted house seem tame

  3. Hope you entertained the crowd with a rendition of the Proclaimers. Thanksgiving dinner! You really are experiencing the whole package. xxx

  4. ruth murray

    Lucky you…… YOU saw the Falls AND you had Canadian Thanksgiving… not long now Ben you’ve done soooooooooooooooo well Ruth and John

  5. Angus

    Another interesting blogg Sam – and some great photos…I’m amazed you managed to get your bike through that Canadian border turnstile. And, when you say the surroundings to Niagara Falls were tacky was that a reference to the stuffed gorilla seen in the background…or the pyjamas you are still wearing whilst posing in front of the waterfall?! Keep pedalling!

  6. The Granny

    Because of my wee holiday I was a bit behind in my blog” fixes”, but now I am sure I can smell the sea while I’m reading the latest one!! Xxx

  7. The Granny

    Actually ,now I think of it ,could maybe just be overripe biking shoe!!

  8. Thanks ‘The Granny’ – made me laugh on a dull day!

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