Day 57: Wingin it

If yesterday was the nicest days riding so far, today was definitely one to forget. The day started nicely, a good breakfast and a warm send of from a great host family. I don’t know if it was Tims good breakfast or the tail winds but the early part of the day were the fastest for a while. The maps i use like to take you onto smaller, quieter roads. This is often not useful as the roads never have shoulders and are usually bad quality. On this occasion, the smaller roads also turned out to be quite busy, along with the usual disadvantages. This certainly lowered my mood and the rest of the morning became a struggle.


Great hosts

I stopped for lunch, hoping for better in the afternoon. I decided to leave the route and return to the main roads. Initially this seemed to be a good decision. The roads were much busier, but with good shoulders, the increase in traffic makes little difference. I also managed to cut a few miles and skip one large town.

The destination for the day was Buffalo. Despite being half the size of Cleveland, riding into Buffalo was far worse. Bad, busy roads in addition to strong winds, made for very uncomfortable cycling. After going through a large part of Buffalo, i finally reached a bike path that would take me to my destination for the night, another warmshowers host. The path followed along the lake, where i experienced the most incredible winds so far. Fortunately there were no cars or it could have been dangerous.

I was staying with Cliff and Carol for the night. Cliff owns a bike touring company called teentrek’s. As the name suggests, the company is for 12-18 year olds, offering bike tours ranging from two weeks to cross country tours. Cliff (who has an awesome New York accent) and Carol had just got back from scouting a route in Ireland, i confirmed that Scotland is nicer.

I set up camp in their yard and then joined them for dinner. They were planning to go to the 150th anniversary of the main museum in town, so i joined them. The anniversary consisted of a lights show with music and then entry to the museum.



I think this one had a hidden message



After the museum, and a tour of some of Buffalo’s sights, we headed to the anchor bar, the first place in the world to serve chicken wings. There was a really good jazz band playing at the bar, most of who seemed to be friends of Cliff and Carol. We enjoyed the jazz and of course some wings. At one stage, a guy that looked so much like George Best that i can’t be sure it wasn’t George Best walked in. After a fun night, we headed home. Tomorrow will be a really short and unique day, crossing the border into Canada for my first time ever.


Anchor bar




Carol, bar babe, me



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2 responses to “Day 57: Wingin it


    you have to take the good with the bad. At least you met nice folks at the end. The bar babe does not look so well. Not sure kill yourself was the best message after such a day and what the hell is the big chair all about

  2. What a great sight “warm showers is”. It makes a huge difference being with someone who knows which of the local attractions are worth a visit. Hope the Canadians are as welcoming. xxx

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