Day 55: I do solemnly swear

I arranged another warmshowers accommodation for tonight, so Erie would be the destination. The mornings riding was fine, following the same road the whole way which made navigation easy.

Lunch was in Ohio, but soon i was in another new state, Pennsylvania. It will be a very brief time in Pennsylvania, i will be out of it tomorrow.


Good name, not great food



Pennsylvania was nice, good scenery and good roads. The place i was staying was actually just before Erie, which made things easier. I arrived at the house and was greeted by Alicia. I was to camp in the yard, but the welcome wasn’t very warm, so i headed into town to get some lunch. After walking around town a bit to waste time, i headed back to my ‘camp’.


Not sure colour tv is much of a luxury anymore

By the time i got back, Tom was home. He was more friendly but still i felt a bit in the way. The answer, an early night. Outta Pennsylvania tomorrow and into new York.



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3 responses to “Day 55: I do solemnly swear

  1. Don’t Alicia and Tom realise how many people are reading your blog! They need to get their hospitality act together cause none of us are going to stay with them now! Get out of there. xxxx


    by the way the Amish live in Pennsylvania so colour TV is a big thing.
    I like the restaurant you found they must have known you were coming but had no time to get a proper chef

  3. Great moments you experienced on Pennsylvania and shared with us. I love reading your blog post.Thanks dude.Keep it up!

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