Day 54: Big city rider

Alex was going to join me for the first part of today, but the cold and wet weather put pay to that. Leaving at rush hour was in hindsight not the best idea, but getting out of Cleveland was just as easy as getting in. The outskirts of the city seemed to go on forever, a lot of the time they were not very pleasant places, with the exception of Bratenahl, which was incredible. Eventually i was out of the suburbs and back into the country for the second half of the day.

Not much to say about the ride today, that’s the reason for the lack of pictures. Geneva on the lake was the destination, and a nice destination it turned out to be. A cool little town, probably would be very busy in the summer, but i was glad it wasn’t. I went to a very expensive campsite, but it was pretty nice. Relaxing evening and early bed. Not a tough day physically but city riding is quite mentally tiring. Out of Ohio tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Day 54: Big city rider

  1. glad that you are out of the traffic again and hope the ‘Scottish’ weather improves. You are soo far over the map now. They are getting little glimpses of those trainers on the coast. xxxxxx


    you have expensive taste just like your mother. Bratenahl is a wealthy village in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It is ranked as the 92nd highest-income place in the United States and 6th in the state of Ohio

    the granny s back from her holidays soon so you will have more comments

  3. The Granny

    The Granny is back after suffering severe blog withdrawal pains for the last week. Glad to read the charm is still working. You are fairly eating up the miles. Go Sam!!!

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