Day 53: Take me out to the ball park

Rested up, i knew today was going to be mostly city riding with Cleveland as the destination. The day started with me almost going onto the interstate, where bikes aren’t allowed. I realised the mistake before it was a problem and took a different route. I was soon on the right road and on my way.

The road followed lake Erie and was initially very pleasant. However, as expected, the route started to get busier and as a result, less pleasant.

A few weeks into the trip, i heard about a site similar to coach surfing but specifically for cyclists. People registered on the site offer accommodation and sometimes food and laundry to other cyclists. The site seemed like a really good idea, so i thought i would give it a go. I contacted Alex, who lives in Cleveland and owns a bike shop. He agreed to let me stay, so his shop would be my first destination in Cleveland.

Getting into Cleveland was actually a lot easier than i had feared it would be. Alex’s shop was right on the map route, which was very good because getting lost in Cleveland could have been a problem. Alex was really nice and owned a really cool bike shop. He and a friend had done a long tour across the states, managing not to pay for accommodation once the whole trip! He gave me the key to his place as he had to work the afternoon. After getting settled at the house, i headed into downtown Cleveland, with food as the first priority. A big lunch at the hard rock cafe was followed by a walk to the rock and roll hall of fame.

I arrived at the hall of fame at around 4.30, it closes at 5.30. The museum was really good. They had a detailed description of the history of rock and roll. They have outfits worn by famous rock stars and videos about Elvis, the beetles and more. At around 5.25 they were starting to close, so i headed out. It wasn’t until then that i realised that there were 5 more floors! I guess I’ll have to go back again sometime. My next stop was to go next door to have a look at the football stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns.

My evenings entertainment would come in the form of baseball. The Cleveland Indians have not had a great season, and with the season coming to a close, getting a ticket would prove very easy. I was standing in the queue to get a ticket when a woman offered me a free ticket, i accepted. The free ticket gave me the excuse to spend what i saved on the ticket on my dinner. The Indians were playing the Chicago white Sox, a statistically stronger team. The Indians apparently scored 15 runs in last nights game. Shortly into tonight’s game, i was wondering how. The final score was 11-0 to the white Sox. It was disappointing for the home team, but having spent some time in Illinois, i had little trouble changing my allegiance when the Sox started winning.

On the way out of the stadium i was given a leaflet about season tickets for next year, Im still not sure. I then headed back to Alex’s place. He was watching some football (real football) and we chatted about our cycling experiences. But Alex had to work tomorrow and i had to cycle so we headed to bed. Cleveland is a cool city and my first experience of warmshowers was very good. Thanks Alex.



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3 responses to “Day 53: Take me out to the ball park

  1. What a great idea. Think I might start a similar thing here. Not sure about the laundry bit though. Enjoy Cleveland. xxxxx


    you certainly seem to be getting a lot of things for nothing, Free ball game, free accommodation and plenty free meals. what a great experience

  3. Les

    I concur – thank you Alex :o) and thank you kind lady who gave you a ticket to the game xx

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