Day 51: Is that the ocean?

Rain for most of the night was really nice to listen to on the tent but not as nice when its time to get up. More sausages for breakfast and i was again off. Aiming for a big day today, hoping to reach the lake Erie coastline and then have a day off tomorrow.


The early part of the day was uneventful, going was steady in the cool temperatures. I was approaching fremont, i had decided to go past to the next town for lunch. But just as i was entering town, my Achilles really started to hurt. It has beena niggling pain for the last few days, but this was worse. I could barely put any pressure on it, cycling became very painful. I decided to stop in at a bakery to get some lunch. It turned out that the bakery only sold cakes. No problem, i can run on any fuel. I got and ate two big cream buns, this seemed to help my ankle and i was off again. The next part of the day was a bike path. I was casually drifting down the path, checking the footie scores on my phone, when i heard “to your left” from behind me. I instinctively moved to my left to allow them to pass. Again i heard “to your left” i looked behind to see a guy taking this bike path way too seriously. He wanted to pass on my left and waited for me to move over instead of simply passing on the now vacant right hand side. He passed with a grunt as i returned to checking the scores. I stopped briefly to make sure my phone wasn’t broken (it was saying that Liverpool had scored five goals). Once i had solved that, i was off, no one overtakes me anymore. I set off full speed to catch the wannabe pro cyclist. He was moving pretty fast and it took a while, but eventually i caught and overtook him, trying to look as casual as possible as i went passed. To be fair, only one of us knew that we were racing, and it wasn’t him, but still it was nice to pass him.

I had made good time during the ‘race’ and soon had lake Erie in my sights. Lake Erie is one of the great lakes, and from most angles, it resembles an ocean. It was quite a long day but i arrived at the city of Huron and searched out a motel. I checked into a motel right by the lake, although i will have to move tomorrow because they are only open Friday and Saturday’s.


Drying out the tent

After giving my shoes another wash (they were so dirty that they were barely visible from space), i went next door to get some dinner. I ordered a family size portion of chicken wings and went back to my room to watch some tv. Tomorrow, i have to pack up and move to another motel. Plenty good sport to watch, should keep me busy.



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5 responses to “Day 51: Is that the ocean?

  1. Ha that will teach that cyclist not to mess with the Scots. Those lakes are certainly massive. Didn’t see them from the ground but even from the air you couln’t see the sides. hope your ankle improves. Maybe dad should try the cream bun treatment on his patients! xxxxxx

  2. Angus

    Good grief…cyclepath rage!

  3. Les

    Just caught up on your last few entries and already wish there was more :o) You are doing great Sam xxx


    I hoped you overtook the guy on the left. Have to get the cycling etiquette right. Sounds like a real plonker.
    Glad to see you work on any fuel.
    Hopefully the rest day will help your tendon
    Les is right we will all miss your blogs they are fantastic

  5. Kathleen

    hope your achilles feels better, I had the same problem on my first bike tour…

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