Day 50: Oh, hi, oh

The original plan from here was to head north, up through Michigan and cross into Ontario. Then i would go through across Ontario to London, to see Brett, and then keep going to the new York border. For timing, and for logistical reasons, i decided to change the plan. I will now continue to follow the maps, up through Ohio to lake Erie. I will then follow lake Erie right up to buffalo, where i will cross into Canada at the Niagara falls.

A combination of the late night and beers last night meant that today started later than planned. For breakfastI had some sausages that Doug gave me, and then i was off on my new route.

After just a few miles i was into Ohio. Riding was steady and pleasant. I aimed to have lunch in the city of Defiance. Getting into town was very unpleasant, lots of traffic and road works. By the time i stopped for lunch, i was definitely ready for some fuel. From Defiance, the route followed the Maumee river, the same river that i would follow the rest of the day and eventually camp next to. The next part of the day was nice, but the last ten miles or so really dragged on. The wind picked up, my hunger increased, the roads weren’t great and i wasn’t moving fast. But eventually i reached my destination of Grand Rapids.





Setting up camp next to the river, the frustration of the latter part of the day soon faded. I then made the mile walk into town for dinner. The restaurant had a nice outdoor patio with a view of the river. A good dinner, topped off with a magnificent cheesecake made the walk back to camp a little easier. Rain is in the air tonight, another ridiculously early bedtime.




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3 responses to “Day 50: Oh, hi, oh

  1. This looks a pretty place and no scary women. Pedal on my boy . you are getting there. xxxxx


    Ohio looks like a nice place. Even better that you found some cheese cake.
    One good thing about cycling all these miles is that you can eat what you want. Must be great to be so fit and cycle with little problem

  3. Getting closer every day!

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