Day 49: The brain says go but the legs say no

Up and at them, i was ready to go. Keen to get going in case the scary lady from yesterday came and made me pay. In my rush i managed to miss the turn off. As a result, i had to go back a bit to catch the right road. It wasn’t far, but going west just felt wrong.

Right from the start i was sluggish. The wind was blowing and i was struggling. My aim a few days ago was to get to Monroeville today. I had made good progress the last few days, so i was now aiming further. However, after lunch, i decided to change plans and go back to the Monroeville plan. The last couple of days, my left achilles is really starting to hurt, a nice short day would do nicely.

With a population of just over a thousand, Monroeville is a relatively insignificant village in this massive country, but for me, it has been a point on the map that i have long dreamed of reaching. Before changing my route (ill explain later), Monroeville signaled the end of my time on the adventure cycling maps and the end of the first, and by far the largest section of the trip. I remember sitting on day 5 looking at all 9 maps that i had, wondering if Monroeville, the last point on the last map, would ever become reality. It was a nice feeling to get here.






I headed to the library to use the wifi. I was immediately invited inside by the librarian and given a computer. Monroeville allows cyclists to stay in their village hall type building in the park. After i had finished on the computer, the librarian called warren, who would let me into my room for the night. Warren explained that there would be a park board meeting tonight and i was welcome to join. After dinner and laundry, the park board meeting began. It was a small, well run meeting, mostly discussing an upcoming event in the park. My contribution was very limited, but i could tell it was appreciated:) After the meeting, a started chatting to Doug. Once he discovered i was from Scotland, he suggested that we head to the local bar, i gladly agreed. The bar was pretty busy, Doug supplied the beer and shuffle board provided a new experience for me, although there was a fiercely competitive tournament going on so i couldn’t give it a go. The night was really fun and left me pleased with my decision to have a short day. Doug is an awesome guy and Monroeville was worth the wait.



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4 responses to “Day 49: The brain says go but the legs say no

  1. Angus

    Interesting couple of Blogs, Sam….fearsome women, awesome guys, lonesome accommodation and try-some shuffle board…some trip! PS. hope the foot injury has improved – I recall from your squash playing that weak ankles have always been your achilles heel! Keep pedalling.

  2. Much better hospitality. Your granny is a Munro so they probably realised they had a celebrity in their midst. Rest that ankle. Its a bit essential to your trip. xxxx


    I take back was I said about yesterday it seemed it was a one off scary woman. Doug sounded more like the other Americans you have been meeting. If you said you were English would Doug have bought you drinks.

  4. Kathleen

    Great milestone you reached!

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