Day 48: You cannae camp there son

Up and ready to go before anymore locals came to chat. It really was a nice setting for camping though. It was a very uneventful morning, including a nice 10 mile bike path. By the end of the path, i was a little bit peckish, so i stopped for an early lunch.


This was certainly not fast food, but when it did eventually come, it was pretty good. The next part of the day followed mostly country roads. The weather for the whole day was grey and drizzle, my favourite. Another bit of bike path and again i was hungry, a second lunch was needed. This second lunch took even longer, fortunately i wasn’t really in a huge rush. The second lunch was in a town called lagro, on a few occasions during my brief stay here, a local would end the conversation with “be safe out there”. This is not uncommon, but in this town it was said in a threatening way that suggested that they were going to drive off after me and try to run of down. Fortunately, they didn’t and i was making progress. The next part of the day was a path through a state forest. Going into the forest meant that the gps on my phone stopped working. This was a problem because sometimes its quite difficult to follow the maps directions. ‘in two miles turn left onto unsigned pefley road’, if its unsigned then how am i supposed to know which one it is? After asking for directions, i was soon out of the forest and on my way again. The last part of the day was a bit of a struggle. The wind picked up, by the time i reached the campsite, i was mighty glad to be there. However, after searching for a bit, the campsite was proving more elusive than id hoped. There was supposed to be a state park, where camping is allowed, but i couldn’t get to it. Eventually i found an old road leading into the park that was gated off. I asked a local woman if this was the park, she explained that the park is closed but camping is still allowed. I was just about to hop my bike over the gate, but luckily hadn’t started doing it yet, when a car pulled up. Fresh from telling off the woman i had just spoken to for dumping hay near the park, the driver of the car explained to me that she is the manager of the area and that this park is closed. She was pretty fearsome, but i just played the lost tourist. She said i couldn’t camp in the park because there are sometimes hunters in there. If i got shot while setting up a tent, Im not sure you could say its an accident, not many deer sleep in tents. She said there was another campsite about 5 miles up the road, too intimidated to argue, i headed to the new site.



Another camping dinner was on the menu, after initially thinking that they are not too bad, i think two in a row is enough for me. The campsite was really basic, i was the only one there, they wanted $8 for the night, they got nothing. Planning to be into Ohio tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Day 48: You cannae camp there son

  1. ooh scary people in that place. Glad to hear you didn’y pay. Doesn’t that park manager know that the routine is that she takes you home for a five course dinner and a comfy bed. She is letting the side down. Your doing great. xxx


    Must be getting near to the big city people getting less friendly
    At least you saved some money. The warning be safe out there was for the scary woman

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