Day 47: A day to forget

I couldn’t really remember what happened yesterday, but i do recall that today was certainly a day to forget. Not because anything bad happened, but because, well nothing really happened at all. I got a good nights sleep on the office floor (Im starting to realise that i can sleep anywhere after a days cycling). I decided not to head back to the cafe for breakfast, instead tucking into some of the many supplies that i have and are weighing me down. It was a grey morning (my favourite) so i set off in good spirits. The first few miles were very stop start, due to the bike making very strange noises. I am very aware of any unusual noises coming from the bike, concerned mostly because i really have no idea how to fix anything other than very simple problems (the noise turned out to be coming from an old fence that i was cycling next to). Somewhere amongst all the stopping and starting, i crossed into Indiana. Not that i realised since there was no border sign and it seemed identical to Illinois. Crossing the border also meant crossing time zones, i was finally on eastern time!!

The roads were all small farm roads with very little traffic. I did take a small shortcut on a larger road, but the surface wasn’t very good, so i returned to the small roads. The day would have been really forgettable if it wasn’t for me sporadically, for lack of a better term, bricking myself throughout the day. This was due to three factors, the first; for some reason, dogs really hate or love bikes. Every time i pass a house with a dog, the dog with come chasing out all guns blazing. Up to now, the dogs have been so much smaller than there bark suggests, meaning i just laugh and carry on. But today, tho size of dog really increased. On two separate occasions, i was charged at by what can be described as a wolf as much as a dog. They come from nowhere, and chase you down like game, with horror in their eyes. It really does wake you up though as the adrenaline kicks in, with an increase of speed, Im off leaving the wolf trailing behind, waiting for the next poor cyclist. The second reason is that Halloween is approaching, well its next month. The US seem to love Halloween, most houses are covered in pumpkins and decorations, some of which are a little scary. Especially in the gloomy hours of morning and early evening, riding round a corner to find a massive dead woman in a wedding dress, really does up the heart rate somewhat. Reason three, when a car passes, if Im in a good mood, i will look to the driver and give them a friendly wave. Most of the vehicles that i passed today were very large farming vehicles. Each time i looked up to wave, i would instinctively look for the driver on the right hand side of the truck. Obviously here the driver is on the left, making it seem, albeit briefly, that no one was driving this massive machine that’s hurtling towards me. This again raises the heart rate a bit.

I arrived at my destination of the day, fletchers lake. It said on my maps that camping was allowed at the lake, so i searched around for somewhere to set up. I eventually stumbled upon an actual campsite right by the lake.



I set up camp and started cooking dinner. I was a little low on water, the campsite had bathrooms with taps but it was not good water. I’ve seen (and drunk) dirtier looking water before but this water actually smelt dirty. So i used my drinking water for cooking and drank coke.

I was enjoying sitting by the lake when i local guy came over and started chatting. At first it was nice to have company but after 3 hours of listening to his problems i was getting tired. It didn’t help that he was also drinking heavily throughout, thus ensuring that the same stories kept cropping up. To be fair, he did seem to have a lot of problems, most of which centered around a lack of money. I contemplated suggesting that if he didn’t smoke and drink so much then his money problems would lessen, but i thought better of it. Eventually at around midnight, he headed off. Finally in bed, i made the executive decision to stay on central time for another day. Tomorrows plan, to keep going!



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8 responses to “Day 47: A day to forget


    Very entertaining read. It did not sound like a day to forget to me. It sounds like a stressful day with the dogs and drunks
    You seem do be doing a lot of counselling on your trip.
    Try pick up some dog biscuits that might make the dogs a bit friendlier.
    hope tomorrow is more enjoyable

  2. Ha! you are so funny. What is it with the Americans and Halloween?. All that stuff is certainly scary, particularly when every house looks like the one from Psycho.(you will have to watch it). Just as well you are a cool customer. Those with a weaker constitution would have crumbled. hope tomorrow is more memorable. xxxx

  3. The Granny

    And here was I thinking civilization would be less stressful—— a bit more company—— seems it has it’s drawbacks!!

  4. Kathleen

    You have certainly made a variety of friends!

  5. Angus

    Hey Sam, can’t believe that you’ve been cycling (more -or -less) non stop for 47 days (ok, 49 now – I’m a little behind with my correspondence!). Big respect! And, whilst we’re at it, best be more respectful of those American dogs, the ones chasing you, all guns blazing (why is it that even the dogs in the US carry firearms?!). Keep pedalling! (PS. can you see the sea yet?)

  6. Iain Dewar

    I always have said DOGS are a pain in the a-s-! They really go for Halloween over there, sounds like Burntisland High St on a Saturday night.
    You are certainly meeting some characters with the common theme seeming to be Drink![of the alcoholic variety!] Keep it up you are doing great!
    Seemingly you have been in a no of papers over here, fame at last!!
    Rangers troubles continue, lost to Stirling Albion at the weekend! Unbelieveable! All the best, Iain[Coach]

  7. Howie and girls

    Hey Sam we just watched the video of the folks surprise, ash and dani were not convinced that you were going to stop , haha good luck

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