Day 46: Farmers paradise

Cold night in the tent, luckily i had a new thick sleeping bag so i was fine. For the first time this trip and a lot earlier than expected, there was frost on the ground when i got out the tent. As a result of the frost, it took me a few attempts to find the courage to get up and go. However, by the time i was ready to go, the sun war out and the frost was gone. To be honest, im quite far behind on the blog and i am struggling to remember what happened today, which probably means that not a lot happened. The ride would take me very close to the Indiana border and was again through rich farm land. Most of the day consisted of tail winds but the winding roads would often throw me straight into some strong head winds. The destination for the day was the small village of Iroquois.



I arrived, after getting a little lost, just in time for some dinner. My maps said that camping in the city park is allowed but you should phone the city mayor first for permission. He explained that there is a room and showers that he allows cyclists to use and sleep in (The room turned out to be his office).


I went back to the cafe that i had had dinner to get a second dinner. This time i went for the chicken. The chicken was dangerously under cooked, worryingly i only noticed when i was on my last mouthful. The bar lady suggested that i come back for dinner, ‘we do an excellent breakfast’, maybe i replied. I then went back to my ‘motel’ for the night, ready to hit Indiana tomorrow.



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6 responses to “Day 46: Farmers paradise

  1. Eugh! And that doesn’t even look as comfy as your tent! You would think that the Mayor really had better things to do than decide who could stay in the park. Hope your stomach survives the chicken. xxxx

  2. The Granny

    Sleeping bag came just in the nick of time
    How lucky!!

  3. Rob McLean

    Just read about your endeavour in the Daily Record. Well done and good luck for the rest of your journey.


    Obviously not a lot happens there the mayor has to be kept busy.

    You need to have lie ins and start later when it warms up

  5. Hey, you’re famous! I was driving to work
    Hey , you’re famous! I was driving to work
    when they started talking about you on the
    radio! They sounded pretty impressed!
    After work I had to go to the VW garage to get my car and they had a Daily Record. I asked if I could take it and they gave it to me. I’ll show Iain.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t take my car though- it has had a whole new engine put in and still doesn’t work! Thank goodness it’s under warranty. Best to stick to the bike!

  6. Scary dogs- I don’t fancy that. I think I’d take a big stick or one of these electronic things that hurt dogs’ ears yet we can’t hear anything.

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