Day 45: Helping hand

The plan for today was to drive with the bike and drop me off back on the route, then they would drive with me for a bit before heading to the airport. That’s exactly what happened. We drove a bit, then packed up the bike, which was a struggle with all the new food, and i set off. I was almost immediately lost, but not a problem this time, we soon found the route. After a bit, it was time to say goodbye. It was a really nice surprise, they didn’t pick the nicest days to cycle, with the weather, hills and road conditions but it certainly made what would have been a few unenjoyable days, very pleasant for me. But then i was back on my own for the final push.

This area of the country is rich farming territory. It is harvesting season at the moment, which meant the occasional massive tractor on what would otherwise be deserted roads.



Still not alone

The day passed smoothly, the destination being the small town of Odell. Being a Sunday, everything in town was closed, so i prepared to eat one of my new meals. It said in my maps that camping in the city park was fine, but i thought i would check with one of the neighbours first. My plan did exactly what i hoped it would, again this kind stranger noticed my homeless appeal and offered to give me dinner, i declined, explaining that i would cook my own but left the door open for further options. She also called her friend who came to unlock the toilets for me. After setting up camp, the lady came over with left over food, I gratefully accepted.



It was starting to get pretty chilly, so i got into my new thick sleeping bag and tucked in to my new book. The kindness of strangers once again coming to the fore.



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5 responses to “Day 45: Helping hand


    You seem to have met a lot of kind, nice people. It could be your starving look or just your great personality.

    If Bert phones to ask where you are I can assure you we have no plans on coming out again
    No Jokes from me I leave that to Don and Bonar

  2. It was very difficult to leave you at the side of that busy road but you are looking great and as you said hopefully it will be plain sailing from here. Loved those few days with you . Thank you for the allowances that you made for our old, not so fit, legs. Enjoy the last part and may those strangers continue to be so kind. xxxx

  3. Les

    Not long to go now Sam – the days with your mum and dad sound as though they were so very special – I am sure your fuel tank is now full to the brim!! Lots of love to you xxx

  4. The Granny

    Are you using a map Sam or just following your nose to zero in on more home cooking wafting on the breeze coming from the east??? Seems to be working— the east coast is getting closer!!

  5. Roberta Welsely

    is that a bowl of crickets

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