Day 44: Catching up

Another trip to the swirlpool was needed after breakfast. Today would be a rest day, put the bikes in the car and head to the nearby city of Moline. The reason to go here was to catch up with an old friend of dads, Paige. It had been arranged for me to stay with Paige and her partner Shelly, but they seemed to be the only ones that didn’t know about my parents visit, so we changed plan and would spend the day catching up. Paige had stayed with dad and family when she was an exchange student to south Africa. Despite being sent to far from the nicest part of Sa, she seemed to have fond memories of it. Her and dad hadn’t seen each other since she left. So we decided to do a house visit. We arrived about midday, Paige and Shelly made it there mission to make sure i was full, and full i was. After lunch we headed to an outdoor store to get me some rations. I needed more dehydrated meals, since i had now eaten both the ones i started with.


What's on the menu?

I got three delicious sounding meals and a pair of gloves and left happy. When we got back, the next job was to give the bike a make over. Paige is a real bike enthusiast, with plenty bikes to choose from in the garage. The tyres i had were becoming a little worn, so despite having no problems since Washington, we decided it would be best to replace them. Paige had a pair that were perfect for the job. To be honest, Paige did most of the work, but i did assist in the tyre change when required.



The old tyres, you did me good.

While we were changing the tyres, Paige and Shellys friend Judy arrived. Judy also acts as the chef, and for good reason as we were about to find out. Judy had prepared a seven course tapas meal, although we didn’t have time (or room) to have them all. Each course was as good as the last and by the end i barely had enough room to try both types of pie.


Me, Shelly, Judy, Paige, Dad

It was a really nice day, but jet lag was again kicking in, so we said our goodbyes and headed for the hotel. Tomorrow is mum and dads last day (at least i think, i don’t know what to expect now). Paige, Shelly and Judy, see you in Scotland.



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3 responses to “Day 44: Catching up


    Great pictures. It was great to catch up with Paige and to meet Shelley and Judy. Hope all that food did not slow you down the next day. If you get hungry just phone Judy and she will drive or fly to feed youi

  2. Weren’t they fantastic. Everything a weary biker could need was provided. Great food, great company and two very sweet dogs to welcome us. Not sure your new rations will quite live up to Judy’s standard. The man in the shop looked a little doubtful about the deliciousness of those packets. Soo glad we came out and shared your day with Paige and Shelley. xxx

  3. sandy

    That was so cool to see Page I was a baby when she was with us but we have pics of her That must have been really great
    Love the blog so far kids are always asking how is cousin Sam doing

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