Day 43: They brought the rain with them!!

I was glad to have my parents here, it was nice to ride with them, they carried my stuff and they brought Percy pigs, but did they really need to bring the rain? It was the first time in the whole trip that i was ready to go and the rain was still falling. Visibility was really bad, and the road that we planned to take was really cycle unfriendly, so we put the bikes in the car and headed down the road a bit. Soon the roads and weather improved, so we got the bikes out and got the legs going. Again, mum and dad shared the driving duties. The rain had stopped but the wind was quite strong against us. After a while, it was evident that we were a bit lost. We quickly discovered where we were, we had almost cycled enough to reach the destination, but had been going the wrong way for quite a while, so we were far from it. I decided to put the bikes back into the car, and we set off.



Enviable tan

There have been motels all over the place called Americinn that always seem to be a little over my budget, but tonight, that’s where we would be staying. My room came with its own swirl pool, which was pretty appreciated.


After driving to get lunch/dinner, we headed back to the motel. We headed to Walmart to get some supplies after getting cash from the drive through atm (genuinely a thing). A trip to the swirl pool was followed by another early night.



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6 responses to “Day 43: They brought the rain with them!!

  1. Vicki & Jerry

    Wonderful of your parents to surprise you. Enjoy the time together. We are thinking of you and wishing you good tail winds!

  2. Parents! You manage perfectly well on your own for 7 weeks and over 2,000 miles. Then they pitch up, bring torrential rain, get you lost and lose your water bottle. Really they should just treat you to dinner and a good room and not interfere! Loved seeing you though. xxxx


    Well said Les but at least you had a nice hotel for one night.

  4. Bonar

    I wont attempt to add to the above comments BUT . here is another joke :

    The Pope was in Northern Ireland and was shaking hands in the crowd. he said to Paddy ‘ What do you think of County Down ?’ Paddy replied ‘ Its been shit since Carol Vorderman left’

    I would like to say that these jokes are chosen randomly and in no way are making fun of the Irish !!

    Dont tire your old man out too much, Hearts need him !1


  5. Hi Sam! Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. Enjoyed catching up with your blog just now. You obviously seem to be eating better than you were at the beginning, I’m glad to hear! I like hearing about your new favourite supermarket ( why is it so good?) and your new favourite tv show!
    You must have thought it was some sort of mirage, seeing your parents at the roadside. What a great surprise!
    We have booked a trip to Hamburg at the end of the month to see Iain. Looking forward to that. I think Duncan and Iain are hoping to go to a Hamburg v Bayern Munchen game while we’re there.
    Not been doing much cycling here recentlt- too busy all the time. There’s a nice new bike track from Menstrie towards Alloa which means we can do a nice 10 mile loop, 9 miles of which is on traffic free track- 10 miles pales into insignificance compared to your trip!

  6. Not only did they bring the rain with them – but after all that trouble instead of leaving it there they brought it back again!

    Looking at the map it looks as though it won’t be that long before you get your wheels in the Atlantic.

    But don’t forget to let us know how you’re getting on – perhaps your sponsors could be persuaded to give you a completion bonus!

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