Day 42: They look like people I know

Frustrating morning with both my phones not finding signal and both my batteries for my good phone very low. But after breakfast in town, i set off. The morning was indeed quite hilly with two big hills and descents before the first town. The third hill was the biggest, probably steeper than anything in the rockies, i slogged up the hill and eventually turned a corner to see what looked like the summit. I could see a woman at the top on the side of the road fixing a bike. As i drew up to her, i noticed a man next to her beside a car taking a picture of me. I assumed that he was taking a picture of this idiot who just cycled up that hill. Looking closer, i began to recognize the guy, glancing down at the woman, it became clear. These two strangers, were no strangers at all, what where my parents doing here? Now it started to make sense, last night weird phone call, berts phone call and other clues.




The plan was for me to cycle to the next town, where they would be waiting with the one bike that they brought assembled. We also put all my gear in the car to lessen my load. I got to the town and met them, then me and mum cycled a short distance, while dad drove the team car. We got lunch and then set off again.


As much chance of seeing a pink elephant as there is of seeing my parents out here




The rest of the day was a little bit like riding in the tour de France, with the team car constantly offering food and instructions, although Im not sure how often the car driver and cyclist trade places in the grand tour. Mum and dad switched back and forth, with each managing a big hill, although dads was steeper. For me, cycling without my gear was refreshingly comfortable. The destination was the appealingly named dyersville. Just before arriving, we got chatting to a mother daughter pair of cyclists who have been on a three year cycle all over the country. We arrived into town just before it got dark, checked into a motel and then got a good dinner. Some members of the team were more tired than others after the days cycle, so we got an early night.



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7 responses to “Day 42: They look like people I know

  1. Kathleen

    awesome surprise!!!

  2. Aw didn’t realise we were going too fast for you and wore you out! dad still hasn’t recovered from that hill but so great to see you and the well oiled machine is looking good. xxx


    That hill proves I am no where near ready to do the Cape Argos. It was great to see you looking so fit and well.

    It is all down hill from here and i promise no more surprises

  4. Bonar

    It must have been like meeting Cilla Black, Sam and now you have been promised the rest of the trip without surprise, mind you there may be another surprise meeting with Rene !!
    Enjoy your few days with Mater and Pater. And enjoy answering the, ‘ are you eating ok ? are you puting your factor 35 on properly ? are you washing behind your ears ?’ questions that only a mother can ask !!

    I will give you a break on the ‘jokes’ today


  5. The Granny

    There is no way Sam you can imagine the stress ,anticipation and hope that ” the surprise” came off that was being generated back home by your Mum and Dad’s search. I thought it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But blow me down —– they DID IT!!!

  6. Bert

    So you think you could have worked out what was going to happen after you had spoken to me ….. Not a chance in hell would you have ever guessed that this was going to happen. This surprise was better prepared and arranged than the D-Day invasion! It must have been fantastic seeing your folks. Your Dad’s excitement was unbelievable and very infectious — I also couldn’t wait to hear how the surprise was executed! This must surely be the extra motivation that you needed at this stage of your trip. Enjoy and travel safe.

  7. Les

    This was the best kept secret EVER!!! So many of sitting on tenterhooks waiting for it to happen and then SO delighted when everything came together. You have the best mom and dad in the world :o) xxx

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