Day 41: Oh aye owa

Up and ready to go, i headed into town to get breakfast. Today i decided that i would again take a shorter route than the maps suggested, although i couldn’t take it all the way because bikes are not allowed on the interstate in Minnesota. If things went to plan, today will be my last in Minnesota. Riding was good in the morning, flat and following the great river.


Jersey provided by planet velo in dunfermline.


Then i had to leave the route, which meant going up a large hill. The summit of the hill did offer a nice view of the river, but with the wind picking up, i was keen to get back to river level.





A long downhill into la crescent (which from my year in France i was able to decipher means the crescent) followed, where i stopped for lunch. I immediately stopped in at quick trip. Just before i went in, i started chatting to a local guy, he offended me by saying that the food at quick trip (my favourite store) was no good and i should try a place called subway. I waited for him to leave before i went into quick trip and got lunch. I had just finished when i got chatting to a very friendly local woman called Lee. She was very interested in my trip and we chatted for quite a while. Then i was off, next stop Iowa.

After setting of after lunch, the wind had picked up substantially. Mostly blowing in the wrong direction. This made the afternoons riding pretty tough. Even more worryingly, my phone stopped working just short of the border. My phone hadn’t had signal through most of the trip, but was good down Minnesota and i hoped it would work for the rest of the trip. Just short of the border, it started drizzling. I wasn’t sure if you could really count it rain, but incredibly, this was the first time i have riden in the rain the whole trip. The border seemed to take an age to come but it eventually did. Minnesota was very enjoyable, probably my favourite state so far, but now it was time for Iowa.



The final part of the day was tough with the wind but i arrived at the destination around 4pm. I spent a bit of time trying to phone home, but couldn’t really get through, so i headed to the campsite, about 3 miles out of town. By the time i set up camp and got sorted it was too late to go back to town for dinner before it got dark so i would have to cook myself. I finally got through to home, they had been stuck in traffic and only got home at midnight. They were also more concerned than usual about my route and destination for tomorrow. But more concerned about getting some food, i thought nothing of it. Dinner was dehydrated spaghetti, for regular readers, this is the same spaghetti that i tried and failed to cook on day 3. After dinner, i got chatting to rene, i fellow cross country cyclist that i had met in Wisconsin, who was also at the campground. Rene is cycling to new York to give talks and hand out dvds about 9/11 that suggest there was something suspicious about the attacks. Tomorrow is expected to be a hilly day, so i hit the bed before it got too cold.



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7 responses to “Day 41: Oh aye owa

  1. Anne Jonas

    You are certainly having an interesting time meeting all these people! and to add to the local guy, Subway are pretty good sandwiches! and they bake their bread fresh every day!!

  2. Kathleen

    Hope your stove worked!

  3. Oh I have missed these blogs! Good to hear that you have worked out how to use your stove. Aren’t parents so annoying with their persistent questions?!

  4. Love the title to this blog by the way.


    With all the hills and wind a race like the Cape argos will be a doddle.
    The scenery there will be slightly better than North dakota

    Keep up the good work

  6. Bonar

    Hi Sam,
    Great Blog – Rene will never convince people there was anything suspicious about that 9/11 thing. But you are also picking up good healthy eating advice.
    With the lag time for the blogs and the replies we had to be careful about the visit of the parents, you dad’s subtle reference to wanting to do part of the route with you ‘even for a day’ meant that there were clues !!!
    Now here is today’s attempt to get you smiling :
    Paddy and Mick missed last bus and did not have enough money for a taxi were walking home when they passed the Bus garage. Mick says lets steal a bus so paddy goes into the garage. After what seemed ages Mick went to look for him only to see Paddy flapping a bit. he said ‘what’s wrong Paddy’? ‘I cant find a number 7’ he replied. Mock said ‘Dont be so bloody stupid Paddy just take a number 9 and we can walk from the roundabout’

    Keep up the good work Sam


  7. The Granny

    Blogs!!! Missed your commentaries the last few days but followed your progress on the route. Can’t believe how far these dots now are across the USA.

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