Day 40: Ole Miss

The new coat certainly came in handy last night. It was a chilly morning, but still i was up and ready to go. I headed into town to get some breakfast, which meant crossing back into Minnesota. It had been a short visit to Wisconsin, but a nice one. This will probably be the last time Im in Wisconsin on this trip.


Cruiser, the bar cat


Better welcome sign than the last time.

After breakfast, i ran into Clint again who was cycling back home with his groceries. He was very sprightly considering how much booze he had last night. He wished me luck and i was on my way. The bike route for today was very winding and indirect. I decided that i would take the river road highway, a much more direct route. The destination was Winona, my route would cut 20 miles off the today’s mileage. Following the Mississippi river the whole day was nice, tho road was winding but very seldom hilly but it offered k nice view of the ole miss the whole day.








Nice wide shoulders the whole day

Cycling was easy, by now i feel like a well oiled machine that could run on anything. I covered the miles in good time and arrived in Winona early afternoon. There was a campsite situated on an island next to the Mississippi that looked really nice, it was about 2 miles out of town so i went to check it out. It was nice, so i checked in and set up camp.


Camping by the river

At some stage earlier today i passed the 2,000 mile mark. To celebrate, i headed back into town to get a good dinner. I figured i would just head into town and find a restaurant. Just as i was getting into town, i realised that i forgot my wallet, at least i had only cycled 2 of the 2.3 miles into town before i realised. Furious with myself, i went back to camp, got the wallet and then back into town. This time i went to a different part of town, good decision. One restaurant looked and smelt too good to pass up so i went in. What followed was the best restaurant dinner so far.


Steak, ribs, bread, potato (salad came and went before)




Chocolate fudge cake


By the time i had finished dinner it was getting quite dark. Fortunately, i could take bike paths most of the way back to camp and my shoes glow in the dark. Today will probably be my last full day in Minnesota, and a good one it was.



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8 responses to “Day 40: Ole Miss

  1. Les

    You are doing so well Sam – Love the pictures! Before you know it you will reach the end so enjoy every second xxx

  2. Well thank goodness for glow in the dark shoes! Now that was a mighty impressive dinner and stunning scenery. Think Minnesota might be worth a visit. xxxx


    Well done boy. You will be doing the tour de France next being such a well oiled machine. The mighty Mississippi must make North Dakota look even worse

  4. Jimmy

    Sam I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Minnesota so much. Its not a bad place. It sounds like you had a good time at my parents house in Battle Lake. Good luck on the rest of your trip and we will be checking your blog often.

  5. Kathleen

    Your meal photos leave me salivating!

  6. The Granny

    Jings!! Before you know it you are going to run out of land and plop into the Atlantic!!

  7. Iain Dewar

    Keep it up Sam! Fantastic! Nice to see you are eating a healthy Balanced diet! Just keep thinking of a nice cold one in McGintys to keep you going!
    Cheers, Iain

  8. Angus

    Sam, see when you said you ran into Clint again, I’m assuming you mean metaphorically speaking…? You know what happened last time someone knocked him over – not sure your budget would cover the insurance payout (that’s assuming he lets you live!). Good to see you’re keeping up the calorie intake – may have to wean yourself off the 19 oz steaks and triple choc desserts before you finish! Keep pedalling! Angus

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