Day 38: Off piste

Today started with a similar breakfast to yesterday. The plan for today was to get back to the route, and to get to stillwater in two days. Leaving st Joseph, the first town i passed through was called st cloud, it soon became apparent why it is named so. Back when they were naming the city, they wanted to name it after a certain saint, but all they could see was a cloud of mosquitos surrounding the saint, thus saint cloud was born (that’s my theory anyway). Riding through st cloud wasn’t too fun, its quite a big and busy city, but it was a lot shorter than going around the city.

Most of the day i was on nice roads with large shoulders like in the picture above. The roads were mostly flat, but often resembled a poorly constructed obstacle course, with road kill and parts of cars scattered across the shoulder. Sometimes i wonder about the bits of cars that are on the side of the road, things like bits of tyre, bits of electronics and bolts etc, you know things a car might miss.

Part of the day did see me cycle parallel to an animal wildlife park. The park contained all sorts of animals, some dangerous. As i cycled past, it was quite clear and quite worrying that there was no sign of any barriers or fences. Its safe to say that i pedalled da bit faster along that section. The day also included a quick chat with dads friend bert in south Africa, who was strangely fixated on when i would be near Chicago (will become clear later).

As the day progressed, i decided that north branch would be my destination for the day. Just before reaching north branch, in not sure exactly when it happened, i went passed the half way point in terms of miles. I didn’t realise it until i got to north branch, but as a reward (and cause it was right there) i got a motel. Chinese was on the menu for tonight, probably the best Chinese so far, but still not great. Im hoping that that is the hard half done, its all plain sailing from here.



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2 responses to “Day 38: Off piste


    Bert was my detective ( will become apparent later). If you get hungry road kill can be very tasty with mosquito dressing

  2. Kathleen

    Great milestone upon completing 1/2 of your mileage!

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