Day 37: Doing what I do best

Very little planned for the day, although i was up in time to take advantage of the motel breakfast. Today would see a return to me doing what i do best, lying around watching tv and eating all day. 3 bits of toast, two waffles, 3 yogurts, 3 orange juices and a cinnamon bun and breakfast was over. The morning soon passed without incident, in fact i spent most of the day watching my new favourite tv show, which Im pretty sure is aimed at teenage girls, but there was a marathon on that day and i was hooked. The tv was interrupted only by a brief trip to the supermarket to stock up on food.


One breakfast waffle



Very tempting

The rest of the day was spent with tv, eating and a brief spell of planning the next few days. 2lb of meat, 1/2lb potato salad, bag of carrots, two tomatoes, a tub of feta cheese, a box of crackers, two more yogurts, two apples, big bar of chocolate, 3 slices of cheese cake, a fruit salad and two litres of vitamin juice was the diet for the rest of the day.


Dinners up


Too full and tired to move, the rest of the day was spent finishing season two of my new favourite show. Today was a good rest day, looking to get back on the bike route tomorrow.



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4 responses to “Day 37: Doing what I do best

  1. Kathleen

    Your meals remind me of a children’s book by author Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (aka The Very Hungry Cycle Tourist!)

  2. The Granny

    Good to have a rest day Sam—–particularly if the knees have developed creaks. These old train tracks look a breeze( but with the load on the bike no wonder there are creaks!)


    do not get to used to the American breakfast. you will get withdrawals when you get home

  4. wow thats a mighty amount of food. either you are now the size of a house or you must be burning a huge number of calories. you do meet some very lovely people. think i will have to plan a trip to come thank them all in person. enjoy the rest. xxxxx

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