Day 36: Steaming down the track

Slept well after last nights feed (and beers). Jimmy had mentioned that Minnesota has a system of old train tracks that have been converted to cycle paths, the paths go most of the way down the state. Kitty and Charlie also recommended the trails, as did my maps. The route started not far from battle lake, so i reluctantly agreed to take a lift to the trail. After a good breakfast, again of local produce, we set off to the trail, via the home of one of their daughters and their youngest grandchild. After saying goodbye to kitty, Charlie and i set off to find the trail and before that, a bike shop. It had been a while since the bike had been checked out and this was a good opportunity to do so. There was still no major problems with the bike but a few creeks were becoming apparent (either they’re coming from the bike or more likely, from my knees). After the bike got a make over and we found the trail, i said goodbye to Charlie and was on my way.


Charlie (Kitty is missing from the picture)

The trail ran parallel to the main highway, and most importantly, because it is an old train track, its very flat. A few weeks ago, i nicknamed the bike ‘the steam train’, because it was a little slow to get going, especially when going up hill but now that’s its in full flow, it feels like nothing will stop it. Naturally, the steam train was very at home on the old train tracks. This was to be a wait and see kind of day in terms of destination. But going was good, so i decided to aim for the end of the trail at st Joseph, emptying the tank with a rest day tomorrow.




The trail was full of cyclists, but none could keep up with the train. The trail was also littered with motivating signs every mile or so. The towns passed by and soon i had arrived in st Joseph. I got a little lost on the way to the motel (i maintain it wasn’t my fault this time) but i arrived, checked in and got comfy for the next couple of days. The only places for dinner nearby were a burger bar and a Mexican place, not fancying either, i ordered a pizza. Pizza done, a bit of tv was needed before bed. My initial plan for tomorrow was to try get a bus to Minneapolis(60 miles) to watch the twins baseball game. After a lot of research, i discovered that public transport doesn’t really exist, so i gave up on that plan, i could do with a day in bed anyway.



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3 responses to “Day 36: Steaming down the track

  1. Kathleen

    Those Rails to Trails are nice!


    I will get your mother to come over and put motivating comments on the rest of your route

  3. Anne Jonas

    and no word of the surprise?! or did I miss it 🙂

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