Day 35: Land of 10,000 lochs

It was a nice (and a little cold) feeling waking up in Minnesota. Due to yesterday’s great progress, i was now only one day away from Jimmys parents( Charlie and Kitty) house in Battle lake. After confirming that i was not an axe murderer, kitty agreed to let me stay for the night, so battle lake would be the destination for the day. I got up and ready, not feeling slightly tired from yesterday’s long ride. I got a subway for breakfast and then headed on my way. The first part of the day was to head east towards pelican rapids to rejoin the route. Riding was really nice, cool temperatures and lakes everywhere. For the first day in ages i didn’t have my music on, i didn’t need distracting today.





I reached pelican rapids and rejoined the route. Riding continued to be very pleasant. Almost every house here has its own lake, i spent most of the day trying to come up with a reason why anyone would live in North Dakota when Minnesota is right next door. People are friendlier here as well, the last few days i have had to tighten the front wheel ( too lazy to fix it properly), it requires stopping and getting off, sometimes flipping the bike upside down. Not once through North Dakota did anyone stop, in Minnesota, the very first person stopped and offered to help. I didn’t need help, but it was nice to be offered. About 15 miles out from battle lake, Brian pulled up beside me. He had been taking in all the back roads, enjoying the beautiful riding. He said that he had just met the guy that i was staying with tonight, who had confused him for me. We rode together for a bit, before he headed off in a different direction. Probably the last ill see me Brian, but a really nice guy.

My arrival into battle lake was delayed slightly due to a closed bridge that caused a 6 mile detour, but before long, i had arrived. I gave Charlie a call, he gave me directions to their house, a couple of miles round the north side of the lake. Almost immediately after calling Charlie, i was approached by a man that i thought was Charlie. It turned out to be his neighbour Pete, who would be heading round for dinner later on. I got to the house and was welcomed inside. The house is situated on the north shore of battle lake, with a beautiful view right across the lake. After a while, one of Charlie and kitty’s sons, Steven, came round. The guys headed across the street for some drinks. We were then joined by Pete and his wife and by another neighbour Paul. I had mentioned earlier to Charlie about his meeting with Brian. He had no idea what i was talking about, he certainly hadn’t met Brian earlier. A bit confused, the matter was forgotten. Until Paul arrived and explained how he had met Brian earlier, thus clearing up the mighty confusion. Soon it was dinner time, Kitty had prepared an excellent dinner of fish(that Charlie had caught himself) and other local cuisine. Then Petes wife Christie prepared an excellent desert. Well fed again by another extremely kind family, i headed for bed.


View from the porch



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7 responses to “Day 35: Land of 10,000 lochs

  1. Kathleen

    what great hospitality you are experiencing!

  2. ivan

    I got up Early as i am on south African time 8am lying in bed trying to sort my phone.
    There must be a reason why people stay in north Dakota. Can we run a competition the winner gets a free weekend in north dakota.
    It is fantastic that you meeting all these nice people. What am experience.
    The lakes look spectacular. I wish i could join you even for one day

    • Bonar

      Hi Sam,
      We are all reading your blogs and watching your progress – the 100+ days will be such a joy. I see you are getting in with the locals too, it will be one hell of a bbq if they all turn up in Aberdour on the same day, your dad would have to get the farmer to butcher his whole herd.
      Your only enemy seems to be wind – I can sympathise there !!
      Now you still have a long way to go so hopefully I can challenge your blog readers who have enjoyed your entertaining blogs by asking them to send you a joke. e.g.
      Doctor Doctor I keep thinking I am a pair of curtains – oh pull yourself together man !!
      Doctor Doctor i keep thinking I am a dog – how long have you felt like that – ever since i was a pup !!

      OK OK OK — rubbish but they were as examples !!

      They have to be clean and politically correct.

      We shall see if we can make you laugh into wind.

      Keep up the good work – you are doing really well – we are all following.


  3. The Granny

    Glad to hear things are so much nicer on the other side of the state line and you are meeting so many good people. Keep up the good work .xx

  4. minnesota looks lovely and more great people. Glad the Brian confusion is sorted out. xxxxx


    Sam I have just been contacted by the North Dakota tourist board. They are not happy with your comments

    My lawyers are onto them

  6. sandy

    Hey the only people I know from ND live in California
    Glad things are going better

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