Day 34: North Dakota!!

As you can see by today’s title, North Dakota spectacularly got its capitals back today. We were all up and ready to go around 8am. Brian left first, but then had to come back cause he forgot something, Sara was next to go, leaving yours truly as the last to leave. We all had big plans for today because that mythical tail wind was present. I was off and i was feeling good. The miles were flying by, this is what North Dakota was supposed to be like. After a while i caught Sara up, we briefly discussed how good riding was today and then i was off again. Before long she was a distant dot on the horizon, as was Brian in the other direction. I was about to reach Brian when i arrived at the first town of the day. I had cycled twice as far as yesterday, in less time. It was still only 12.30, i had to make the most of this wind, so the plan was to continue after lunch. In the cafe i got chatting to a local woman, who claimed to be Welsh, (she didn’t sound very Welsh). The map route was to go east a bit further, then head north to a the large city of Fargo. It didn’t seem to make much sense to go north, into the wind, and then go back south the next day. So i decided to just keep going east, past the border and join back up with the route tomorrow. The ‘Welsh’ lady suggested a town called Barnesville, it seemed like a good idea, so i had lunch, then another lunch ( my appetite seems to be back) and then was on my way. The first bit consisted of double backing out of town to get back on the route, heading west for about half a mile showed me how strong the wind was, i wasn’t worried though, i was heading east. Riding continued at an awesome pace, in fact there are very few pictures today because any that i did take were too blurry cause i was going too fast. After a while, i saw Brian again in the distance, i slowly gained ground on him, then he waited for me to catch up. It turned out that he was also heading to Barnesville, so we rode together for a bit. A few more pedals, and there it was, the glorious and slightly miserable looking Minnesota border sign.


Almost immediately, i phone started to work for the first time since Washington. We rode at our own pace, i was flying, i agreed to meet up with Brian in town. At around 4.30pm, i rolled into Barnesville. I had cycled a lifetime best of 135 miles, at an average of about 20mph. I headed to the campsite, dumped my stuff and then went for some dinner. A big burger and a fudge brownie Sunday later, i went back to camp.


What a day! Way over the century and not even particularly tired. This is what North Dakota was supposed to be like, and it was a good feeling to be in Minnesota, the promised land.



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8 responses to “Day 34: North Dakota!!

  1. The Granny


  2. Dad

    I see no one over 6 ton can get into Minnesota that excludes half the Scots.
    Well done at you will be the only Scot to score a century ever 135 not out not bad. At this pace you may reach your destination early

    Well done

  3. Woohoo. You made it. And you had some company to day. So glad North Dakota redeemed itself. Maybe God could hear you after all! xxxxx

  4. Anne

    I am loving earning about parts of the big ol USA I probably will never see! Loving your blogs, Sam! Well done with he riding too

  5. Kathleen

    You have some skip back in your step! Yeah!

    • Hi Kathleen, thanks for all your comments, you know better than most people how much they help. Things are starting to get easier now for sure, hopefully Im not speaking too soon. I hope your house is going well, if you have any spare time to work on it now that schools started again. Thanks for all the messages, keep em coming. Hope you’re well.

  6. Sam,
    Haven’t seen your blog for a few days but you must stil be alive. Did you Skype home or call someone in Scotland-probablly in need of some Famous Grouse or Dramboui that used to be made on The Isle of Sky. A pity it’s no longer made there for Bonny Prince Charles or whoever. Keep up the peddling. The house is finally starting to take shape. At least we now have some basement walls.
    Jerry (Vicki is in Seattle this week checking on things)

    • Hi Jerry, yeah Im a few days behind on the blog. Things are going well now though, i am progressing well and back on schedule. Glad to hear that the house is beginning to take shape, you’ll be in there in no time. Hope you’re both well. Sam

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