Day 33: Big ambitions, little results.

I decided last night that tomorrow was to be a short 37 mile day, so the plan was to have a leisurely morning and then get going. This morning though, i was up and feeling good by around 8am. I changed the plan, i would instead aim for a mammoth 110 mile day to the next town. I left around 8.30 and was feeling good. However, only a few miles into the day, it became clear that 110 miles was way too ambitious, in fact, 37 miles was beginning to look ambitious. There was a brutal side wind of around 20mph. This continued the whole day, fortunately i was to change direction for half the day, unfortunately it was the wrong way. For 12 miles, the side wind would become a direct head wind. As i passed a few lakes, it looked as though you could even surf on them.



The day was horrible, riding was painfully slow, with no let up in the wind. Eventually i reached Gackle, definitely the slowest average speed I’ve had since the rockies.



I phoned the number, they told me that the wind will be at my back tomorrow.

In Gackle, there is a guy that lets cyclists stay in his house. I gave him a call to let him know i was in town. He wasn’t in town but said i was welcome to stay there and to just let myself in. Just after i called him, i got chatting to a guy around my age called Jimmy. Jimmy was interested in my trip, he is travelling around north dakota collecting data for the emergency services. He suggested that i stay with his parents in battle lake Minnesota when i pass through. He seemed really nice, so definitely going to take up his offer. I then headed to the house, the basement has been converted into cyclists only lodging, with beds, laundry, showers and even some supplies. The wifi there was even good enough for me to watch the mighty Scots soar to 1-1 draw against Macedonia. I don’t know what was more painful, the cycling or the football.


The guy that owns the house said that he was expecting four other cyclists tonight. Two of which were Garrett and Sara. They ended up a bit short, actually staying in the exact same room as i did last night. But soon enough i was joined by Brian and then by a different Sara. Both were from and heading to Wisconsin. We shared complaints about today’s wind, got some dinner and then planned tomorrows ride. The good thing about cyclist only lodging is that we were all ready to go to bed by around 9pm, so we did. Today was a horrible days cycling, i even resorted to getting off and pushing for a bit on the flat!! The next town is still 75 miles away, wind like this tomorrow will make that almost impossible. This state is really getting me down.



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5 responses to “Day 33: Big ambitions, little results.

  1. Dad

    Seems like you have met some really nice people.
    I tried phoning the hope line but it was busy with cyclists asking when the wind was going to change

    If Don continues with the jokes you will not have time to reach Boston

    Good luck for tomorrow

  2. What a generous guy. Pity he wasnt there. It would have been good to meet him. Are there no squatter rights in North Dakota?
    Hopefully today is the worst one and tomorrow the wind will change in your favour. Minnesota is calling.

  3. Kathleen

    There is no shame in walking!
    One pedal stroke at a time!

  4. Angus

    Seems like you have been having a problem with wind, Sam….clearly too much red meat, I suggest you reduce your intake of steak! I remain very impressed by your continued commitment to the cause – and blagging your way into the homes of unsuspecting Americans! Keep pedalling…(or, possibly, walking!).

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