Day 29: Filling up the tank

Sleeping in the tent didn’t allow me to sleep in too late into the morning, but still it was nice to know that i could just relax for the whole day. I had a quick look at what Dickinson had to offer and decided against all of it. I leisurely got ready and headed into town to get something to eat. As i was getting ready i met a little cat, it was very persistent, so i gave it some cheese. It soon got sick of the cheese and so decided to relax in the tent for a bit.




After a while, the cat got distracted by some bugs and off it went. I went into town, burger king being my first point of call, mostly due to their wifi as opposed to their fantastic cuisine. I stayed in burger king for a while, probably out staying my welcome. Then it was back to the supermarket for more supplies, including an impulse purchase of chocolate ice cream. Then back to camp, bit of laundry, bit of reading, bit of ice cream.


There's some calories for you

The afternoon came and went and soon it was time for dinner. A third steak dinner in a row was on the cards. A little worrying, i really struggled to finish the relatively small dinner. Not feeling great, i went back to camp, ready for bed and ready to fly across north Dakota…..hopefully.



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9 responses to “Day 29: Filling up the tank

  1. Anne Jonas

    Feel better!!

  2. Bert

    You are doing extremely well … I’m enjoying the adventure with you and at least you are making it quite clear where NOT TO GO when going to the USA! Hang in there …. the best parts are around the corner (or should that be over the next hill, and the next one, and another and …. and then BINGO: civilization the American way 🙂

  3. ivan

    Good to fill the tank
    as Bert says soon be in civilization
    Scotland did not get any bettermaybe Andy Murray should take up football

    Your mother imperious Will be put off burgers for life

  4. Aw you made a wee friend. That ice cream looks great. Keep going you are doing great and you are certainly providing a very honest travel guide. xxxx

  5. ivan

    You should have taken the cat with you as a travelling mate

  6. Kathleen

    I hope the rest day (and steak and ice cream) provided the renewed energy you need to proceed! Keep it up!

  7. The Granny

    I did warn you about the butt paste. Already you are attracting small furry animals!! Hope the rest day helped to recharge the batteries Sam.

  8. Sarah

    Butt paste attracting cats??? Will I even ask, I wake up to these posts every morning, they are fab. Loving the adventure. Keep going x

  9. Takis

    Sam you doing great,keep up its a whole new experience,,Angi cheering for u also and says hello.You making everyone in your family proud:))

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