Day 27: The state of two halfs

It was starting to feel like i was never going to make it out of Montana. But waking up today, i had the very real feeling of only being about 35 miles from the border. As i said yesterday, Montana is a nice state with really nice people and if it had ended after Lewistown, then i would struggle to come up with any negatives. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there but civilization pretty much did, while the state just kept going and going. Again not feeling the best, i hit the road and struggled on. The first half of the day was tough, still feeling sluggish, energy was low.


But the legs kept going and soon enough i began to smell north Dakota. The realisation that a new state was close seemed to spur me on, and just like the underdog team in a children’s movie, i got a second wind and was a new man. Just before the border, i went through a small town called Wibaux, over the past few days i have become used to spending the night at any town that i come to, it was as though my tent had started to assembly itself. But this was not the destination, so i fought the routine and continued on. The border was unspectacular but very welcomed. There it was, the big colourful welcome to north Dakota sign.


I stopped briefly in Beach for some food, but now feeling much better, i continued to Medora. The next 25 miles into Medora went really nicely and i arrived in the little town feeling good. The town seemed really cool. It sits right next to the teddy Roosevelt national park and is an old cowboy town. I checked into a campsite and then headed to the cowboy hall of fame. It was an interesting museum, with history about Roosevelt, the battle of little bighorn and rodeo. I decided to go to a steak fondue place for dinner. With a bit of time to spend, i decided to go check it out before hand. I didn’t realise that the restaurant was at the top of a fairly large hill, which was very unwelcome after 60 miles of cycling but the view from the top was pretty good.





The hill reminded me of a roller coaster

The place seemed nice, so i booked a place and headed off back down the hill. The girl selling the tickets did say to be there around 6pm, a little confused as to the time zone i am now in(my maps say that the zone changed at the border), i asked her what time it was now. She said she didn’t know what zone we were in but the time she gave me matched with the mountain time zone that i was already on. I asked when does the time change to the next zone, she didn’t know. 30 miles after the time has officially changed, she doesn’t know when it changes! After setting up my tent, it was time to go back up the hill for dinner. I decided to walk, cause the hill was so steep that even going down was unpleasant. I took the scenic route( tried to take a short cut and got really lost) which involved jumping over two small rivers(one which i didn’t make) and through a field and over the train tracks. By the time i made it up the hill, i was right on time and ready for some steak.






Everything was eaten except the broccoli which wasn't cooked and the coleslaw was too creamy

Dinner was excellent, there was even a really good band playing. The band were really good, almost undoing all there good work when they performed blue moon(of Kentucky) but that small blip was overcome.


Somewhere across the Atlantic the meaning of the word fondue must have got lost in translation, there was no sign of cheese anywhere, but it was still good.

I headed back down the hill well fed. By the time i went to bed, it was even dark!! Tomorrow’s target in the short trip to Dickinson, a large city where i plan to have a rest day. Would definitely recommended Medora to anyone passing this area.



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12 responses to “Day 27: The state of two halfs

  1. Keith

    Sam tomorrows bound to be a breeze after your steak and all those lovely vegetables , think i will pack up my bike and join you

  2. Jerry & Vicki

    Sorry about the Montana hills. I’l talk to the geologists. Vicki made some more cherry cobbler and the pit count tonight was 10 per serving. Weather here continues very nice. North Dakota is not a metropolis, just in case you were hoping for something like Glasgow.

    Jerry & Vicki

  3. Wow now that looks like a good dinner. hopefully that will give your legs a bit more energy. Enjoy your rest day. Maybe you could lasso a passing cowboy and get a tow for a bit. xxxxx


    Hi Sam just as well you met nice people in Montana at least that made up for the hills. Jerry is right I am told North Dakota is not a metropolis. Just a lot more expensive.
    We were 4-2 down last night with 5 minutes to go then scored 2 for a 4-4 draw. It was a friendly cup game so no extra time only penalties we won 9-8

  5. Yes, Steak .. go further next time – ask for the whole cow option – it’ll be on the Menu somewhere ..
    What were those orange things on the side of the plate?

  6. Les

    Glad you are feeling better and making good progress. Lots of rugby on today – All Blacks beat Argentina and the Boks cuurently playing a great game vs Aus 13 – 6 after 32 minutes, lets hope they win!! There is a T20 between Eng and SA this afternoon :o)
    You should be able to go for a few miles with that steak under your belt. Lots of love as always xx

  7. Kathleen

    Glad you are feeling better…and logic would dictate that since I had incredible headwinds in S Dakota, you should literally be pushed along without taking a pedal stroke!

  8. The Granny

    These blogs getting to be like London buses————none for a while then three come along at once! Glad you’ve got past the slump and still managed to hang on to your sense of humour. Hopefully this new state will be kinder to the legs. Love from us both xxx.

  9. Don. Morrison

    Sammy — Just got back from seven days in the saddle (so to speak) in the borders only one puncture oh ! and a crash right across the road I went ,we touched wheels in the pelathon.
    Glad to hear that all is still well and that you are tearing up the miles or is it kilometers where you are at present.
    Are you on schedule ?
    You must be feeling knackered I know how I feel after seven days .
    The guys in the Cycle Touring Club were asking about your progress I was chuffed to say that all was well and that on the whole you sound positive and determined.
    keep the revolutions Up!!!!


  10. Don. Morrison

    Seen this joke and I thought it may give your and your family a laugh.
    The Brothel

    The madam opened the brothel door in Elko County , Nevada ,
    and saw a rather dignified, well-dressed, good-looking man

    in his late forties or early fifties.

    ‘May I help you, sir?’ she asked.

    ‘I want to see Valerie,’ the man replied.

    ‘Sir, Valerie is one of our most expensive ladies. Perhaps
    you would prefer someone else’, said the madam.

    ‘No, I must see Valerie,’ he replied.

    Just then, Valerie appeared and announced to the man
    she charged $10,000 a visit.

    Without hesitation, the man pulled out ten thousand dollars
    and gave it to Valerie, and they went upstairs. After an hour,
    the man calmly left.

    The next night, the man appeared again, once more

    demanding to see Valerie.

    Valerie explained that no one had ever come

    back two nights in a row
    as she was so very expensive. There were no

    discounts and the price
    was still $10,000. The gentleman did not blink an

    eye. Again, he
    pulled out a wad of cash, gave it to Valerie, and they

    upstairs…After an hour, he left.

    The following night the man

    was there yet again. Everyone was
    astounded that he had come for a third

    consecutive night, maybe a
    record in the history of brothels in Nevada ,

    which date back into the
    early 1800’s. But without hesitation he paid Valerie

    the ten grand and
    off they went upstairs.

    After their session, Valerie

    said to the man, ‘No one has ever been
    with me three nights in a row. Where

    are you from?’

    The man replied, ‘ Billings , Montana .’


    she said. ‘I have family in Billings .’

    ‘I know.’ the man said. ‘I regret

    to tell you, but your sister died,
    and I am her attorney. She asked me to

    give you your $30,000

    The moral of the story is

    that three things in life are certain:

    1. Death

    2. Taxes

    3. Being screwed by a lawyer

  11. Iain

    Hi Sam, Great to see that you are still going for it! Wiggo better watch out! Tour de France next year! Scotland got the usual 0-0 draw with Serbia and Rangers are 4th in the 3rd Division! All good stuff. Keep it up and may the Force be with you! 500 miles by the Proclaimers is nothing on what you are doing! All the best, Iain

  12. Anne Jonas

    I am enjoying the comments as much as the blogs! Love the sense of humor over there in Scotland 🙂 especially Granny!! Ride well and let me know when you see the trees! There do not seem to be too many where you are.

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