Day 26: Diving into the glen

Still not feeling great this morning, but my desire to get out of Montana and out of Circle in particular was greater than any illness i have ever had. So i packed up and hit the road. Today was to be my last full day in Montana, a really cool state, with really friendly people but just a bit too long.


Today looked to be more pleasant, a long slightly uphill, followed by an even longer slightly downhill. The uphill was made a little harder because i wasn’t feeling great but before long i was at the top. The rest of the day would have been nice, similar to most of the ride into Winnett, but again i was feeling quite weak so it was a bit of a struggle. Glendive, with a population of around 6,000 signalled my return to civilization. The ride through the town meant a total of about 50 miles for the day and i was ready to stop. I checked into a nice motel, possibly best so far and then headed across the road to get some lunch.




They must have found dinosaur fossils in this area because there is a lot of museums and statues around. The main museum was just across the street so i went to check it out. Unfortunately it was closed, only open on Friday’s and Saturday’s. It would have been interesting because apparently its a creationist museum, with depictions of the dinosaurs entering Noahs ark. One review even described the Jewish section as ‘mildly offensive’. The rest of the day was filled with tv. Before a trip, and potentially lifetime, earliest bed time of 7pm. Determined to make it out of Montana tomorrow, the target is beach or Medora.



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2 responses to “Day 26: Diving into the glen

  1. ivan

    Still could be worse now 3-1 down against part timers
    hope Scotland and you do better tomorrow

  2. WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT LUNCH?! Shame you coulnt get into the dinosaur museum. A creationist museum would have been different! roll on North Dakota. xxxx

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