Day 25: Relentless

Warning: This entry may contain some strong language.

Dear whomever is in charge of roads in eastern Montana, i am writing to inform you that it is possible to build roads that don’t go up and down over every single hill. It might be fine for you in your big pick up truck but for man powered machines, it would be much appreciated if you could bypass at least one hill now and again. In addition, i am no expert in road building, but other states and countries don’t seem to have a problem with building a road that the pieces fit together. Every ten metres or so, i find myself going over what feels like a pothole, a pothole that stretches over the whole road with no chance of avoiding it. Perhaps i am being harsh, the more i think about it, the more it becomes possible that the poor road condition could be deliberate. It could well be a ploy no your part to ensure that travellers stay awake on the road because there certainly isn’t anything to look at that is very stimulating. This brings me onto my next issue. I am certainly not planning on cycling through this part of the country again but for the sanity of future cyclists, could you please construct some sort of scenery or at least introduce some interesting animals into the area. I know that this is ‘big sky country’, which i now realise is named so because there is absolutely nothing blocking any part of the sky, hence making it seem like a big sky, but surely you could add something to increase the appeal of the area. My final point concerns the lack of towns in the area. 70 miles between towns is not acceptable, neither is the condition of the towns in the area. Please fix both issues immediately. In conclusion, build flatter roads, build roads that fit together, build some scenery and build more and better towns.

Yours exhaustedly

Sam Brenkel

Today’s target was the next town on the map, Circle, about 68 miles away. If i thought yesterday was up and down, the profile for today looked ridiculous. The elevation line on the map looked as though someone was trying to draw a straight line while simultaneously operating a pneumatic drill. After the fists few flat miles, the following 30 or 40 miles consisted of half a mile up hill and then half a mile downhill.



This didn’t relent until about 10 miles from Circle, finally some flat and i rolled into town at about 1pm. I headed to the only motel in town, went into the office and waited to be welcomed. I waited for a bit, rang the bell, phoned their number and waited some more. Eventually, i decided to just take a key from behind the desk and let myself in. I checked the book to see which room was free(all of them) and left a note on the desk. The lack of receptionist may be explained by the fact that today is labour day. I have no idea what it is for, but ironically they celebrate labour day with a holiday where nobody does any work. After a while i got a phone call telling me that i could come and pay now (dam). She explained that nothing was open in town for food, due to the holiday, but the supermarket should be open. I headed there and it was open, so i grabbed some snacks and headed back to the motel. Not feeling great today, i think three days of bad food have caught up with me. Decided that an early night(even earlier than usual) was the best option. Heading to glendive tomorrow, hoping for better fortunes. Labour day also marks the start of fall, so hoping for better weather as well.


I actually managed to write this entry without swearing, probably due to the fact that it was written a few days after it happened. If it had been written the same day, this post would have been a more accurate account of the day, containing more obscenities than the opening 10 minutes of saving private Ryan.



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4 responses to “Day 25: Relentless

  1. ivan

    Could worse
    could be at spartans watching hearts 2-0 down

    a things improved now 2-1

  2. Amy Brenkel

    Hehe you are funny. Sounds tough thou invert impressed! What’s your Skype name? Im off this weekend, I’ll call u when your free and I’ve worked out the time difference! Think mine is abrenkel. Keep going your doing fantastic!! Xxx

  3. Ha you are very funny.Actually having spoken to you after that days cycling I am surprised that you are this kind about the place. Keep going. Things must get better soon. I am begining to wish for a few bears just to liven up your day. xxxxx

  4. Kathleen

    Accurate description of the area, Sam!
    And, while the good folks of Circle didn’t labor pnLabor Day (labour for you Scots!) my boyfriend and I stained our new house! We know how to celebrate!

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