Day 24: Tear up the forecast, cause its a bright and blue sky.

After a good nights sleep, i woke to find that the rain had stopped and any trace of its existence had disappeared. The destination for the day was Jordan, i trip longest 76 miles away, mostly due to the fact that there was very little ( absolutely nothing) in between. I said my goodbyes to Winnett, and headed off.



Before long, the sun was back out and the heat increased. Today’s title comes from a line in my favourite song this trip, with a little alteration to make it apt to the situation. The profile for the day was overall relatively flat with only a slight change in elevation from the starting point to Jordan. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story. The whole day consisted of going up one hill and then down the other side, up one hill and then down the other side and so on. At the start of the day, i decided that if things got tough, then Sand Springs was an option for a destination. As i approached the town, leaving a string of obscenities behind me, i decided that i would make a decision based on the quality of Sand Springs. The decision was ultimately easy, basically Sand Springs is no longer. There was nothing and no one there, so i headed on. The rest of the day was much the same, but eventually i rolled into Jordan.



I headed to the the only cafe, had some forgettable lunch and started searching for accommodation. I initially planned on camping, but the difference in price between a very modest campsite and a motel was very minor, so after a tough day i decided the motel would be best. I headed back to the cafe for dinner, had a forgettable dinner and then went back to the motel for an early bed.



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4 responses to “Day 24: Tear up the forecast, cause its a bright and blue sky.

  1. Not your best day then! Don’t get too fed up. There is a whole lot more out there. I hope tomorrow is better. Everyone says hallo , you are doing great. xxxxxxx


    North Dakota will have bigger and better places. Your riding partner looked enthusiastic in the photo. You can update wikipedia as this what it says about sand springs
    Sand Springs is an unincorporated community in southwestern Garfield County, Montana, United States. It lies along Highway 200 southwest of the town of Jordan, the county seat of Garfield County.[1] Its elevation is 3,192 feet (973 m).[2] Although Sand Springs is unincorporated, it has a post office with the ZIP code of 59077,[3] which opened on 1911-03-01.[4]

  3. Sam, just been catching up with your epic trip – great blog and pictures of that big empty place called the USA. I think that you can anticipate a lot more of the fine hospitality you have received so far – out of the cities it’s a pretty relaxed place.

    At the risk of irritating your Mother – forget the carrots – using energy at your rate only eat steak!

  4. Kathleen

    I remember that long day and how concerned I was of running out of water before arriving to the next town. Glad you made it w/out too much trouble (well, at least according to your blog report!). Keep it up!

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