Day 23: New month, new weather?

Today started with another excellent Vicki breakfast. Rested and very well fed and i was ready to go. Jerry offered to cycle the first nine miles(all up hill) with we. I gladly agreed.


Jerry and Vicki

The cycle with jerry was predominantly uphill but it was quite gradual and before long, we were at the top. having driven up the same hill yesterday, it was nice to know pretty much how far we were and how far we had to go. I said my goodbyes to jerry and thanked him for their great hospitality. Then followed a nice long downhill. I flew the next 55 miles and arrived in the small town of Winnett at around 11. I was almost immediately met by the local school principal, who i had been told to contact by a man living in the same building as jerry and Vicki.




He was very kind and let me into the school to use their internet and showers. I stayed in the school for quite a while before leaving to get some lunch.


Very trusting, school bus left open, if you look closely, you can see that the keys are in the ignition.


Now i know

The principle also told me that this county, petroleum county, has the same area as new jersey, with a population of 480 people.

After lunch i headed to the city park which also acts as the towns campsite. It was actually quite nice, setting up camp was the easiest yet. I then headed back to the only cafe(starting to become a regular phrase) to get some dinner. By 8pm, i was ready for bed. Tomorrow is to be a long day due to the fact that there is not a lot in terms of civilization for the next few miles. As i lay in the tent, i felt the rain begin to thunder down on the tent. It was nice listening to it, could a change in weather be coming?



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9 responses to “Day 23: New month, new weather?

  1. Kathleen

    Glad you continue to meet nice folks!

  2. Anne Jonas

    How wonderful !! You are meeting some wonderful people!

  3. Rain! i cant believe you are pleased to see rain! It must have been hard to leave Vicky and Jerry and that home comfort. What lovely people. the Montana people certainly are very trusting. was it not even a little tempting to fling your bike in that bus a drive off to your next destination?! Keep up the good work. xxx

  4. jos

    Hi Sam.
    Seems like youare doing great and enjoying the country and the people.
    Grampa is always asking after you and enquires about your trip.
    Keep it up
    Jos and Brigitte

  5. Les

    You are making life long friends Sam – it’s all part of the great adventure! That bus wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds in SA!! Can’t wait for the next read xx

  6. ivan

    You must have am honest face all these people trusting you. Soon be into north Dakota hope they are as friendly

  7. Ann Realey

    Hi Sam – you’re now officially a hero! Not far to go so keep smiling.
    Love and best wishes from The Realeys XXXXX

  8. Jab

    Hey Sam good job you are doing on this trip .I really enjoyed tracking your daily progress on the map hanging in the kitchen these last 2 weeks whilst also enjoying I might add Les,s fantastic cuisine.Thanks too for vacating your room really felt at home what with the Cheetahs , Sharks and Stormers strip hanging around.Ivan and I had our work cut out persuading Les that pizza and lots of it is the absolute best for endurance athletes as it contains all the basic food groups usually in abundance so keep packing them in.Have fun and good riding.Jab and the Clan in the Cape.

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