Day 22: Friday night lights

I decided last night that a rest day was definitely needed, it was the first time that my body was desperate for a rest, jerry and Vicky very kindly offered to let me stay another night. After the best breakfast so far on the trip, we headed into town to see some of the local sights. We picked up some fresh vegetables and then headed to a very unique store owned by a man named Frank. Frank sold everything in his store, paintings furs, everything really.


We then went to a sports shop, which included a pretty extensive guns counter.



After lunch, jerry and i headed back to their plot to see if there had been any progress. It seemed that there wasn’t so we went on a short drive around town which included the nine mile, mostly uphill route that i will start on tomorrow. We then went back home, we fixed the handle bar bag on my bike which was a bit loose and then decided to pump up my tires. Shortly after, the front tire exploded. That dam front tire. With no spare tubes, we headed to a local guys house who operates a bike store out of his garage. We was very nice and i left with three new tubes. Tires fixed, we headed inside for dinner. Another excellent feed and now we were off to watch some high school football under the Friday night lights. The game started with an excellent solo performance of the national anthem on the trumpet, then it was time for kickoff. The home team were initially outclassed, and then more outclassed with a brief period of restbite when the home team scored. The touchdown was met with fireworks and a showering of sweets for the home fans.




Unfortunately that was to be the one and only home score that we saw. We left a little early with the home team well behind. It was back home for some more cobbler and then off to bed after a very enjoyable day. But only after jerry had put his surgical sewing skills to the test with my shorts( my only off bike shorts have been spectacularly ripped since day one in Seattle), he passed the test. Tomorrow starts with the hill that we drove earlier followed by what should be a long down hill.



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10 responses to “Day 22: Friday night lights

  1. Jerry & Vicki

    Hi Sam,
    Great descriptions! Got a nice email from your folks. Safe riding!
    Jerry & Vicki

  2. Anne Jonas

    Wow! You are certainly finding very hospitable people! 😄

  3. Les

    Another great read Sam – a good couple of days riding as well. I think it’s the rest days and the special people that you will meet that will make this adventure so special.
    It was payback time in the cricket – last 2 ODI’s England thumped SA we are now firmly back in postion 2 , pity!
    We are thinking of you and urging you on every day :o) xx

  4. Jerry can sew too! What a talented man. Its a pity the home team only scored once. The fall out would have kept you going for days. i really think Jerry and Vicky should be added to the Lewis Clark maps as a recognised haven for weary travellers. Many thanks to them for such generosity.
    Keep going my boy. you are doing great. xxxx

  5. The Granny

    Such an enjoyable blog Sam—– pity it involves so much effort and pain on your part. You are meeting such hospitable people I am ALMOST tempted to try this cycle trail myself . Passed anyone on tricycles up to now?


    Great blog. Only problem is I am now late for work. I will have to get up earlier tomorrow. Les Solomon enjoys the blog so much she wants you to turn around in Boston and cycle back


    Forgot to mention I loved Franks shop and only in the US can you get guns in a sport shop

  8. Anne

    Love the blogging too! You are doing so well and love “keeping up” with you..those are hunting rifles at the sporting goods store, I hope, not the other kind of gun although all are abominable. Think you will find the weather may change. It’s officially Fall after Labor Day …you will come across some stunning Fall foliage soon when the leaves “turn” as they refer to it here.

  9. Kathleen

    You are experiencing the true America, the one you don’t read about or see much of on the news…

  10. sandy

    Dear Sam Enjoying the blog will tell oupa all about it maybe i can take the laptop to show him. You found out how much the us loves their guns keep up the peddaling and mabe instead of biking back you can turn this into a best seller

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