Day 21: Deja vu, Lewistown take two.

Today’s target was the familiarly named Lewistown, although this was to be the Montana version. Last time, Lewistown produced some bad memories, the unsuccessful hill climb to find the phone store and it was the starting point for probably the toughest day yet. But still, this was a new state, new town and hopefully new experience. After probably the worst sleep so far due to the uncomfortable ground, i headed back to the only cafe for some breakfast. Today was to be a relatively short day, mileage wise. But almost immediately after starting i was feeling sluggish. For the first time in the trip, my legs felt really tired, dead. I plodded on, but it was tough. It wasn’t especially hot or hilly but it was a struggle.



The last couple of miles into town were as difficult as any other on the trip but soon enough, i was there. I searched for some wifi and soon found a cafe. I was just about to head inside, when i got chatting to a local man. His name was Jerry, he was very interested about my trip. By now, i give off a bit of a homeless appearance, Jerry obviously noticed this and very kindly offered to let me stay at his place for the night. I gratefully accepted. Later in the afternoon, Jerry returned with his wife Vicky and we headed to their home. Jerry and Vicky have just moved to town, at the moment they are renting an apartment while they build their own house just out of town. Once i had settled, we all headed to a neighbours house to pick some cherries for dinner.


Once we had filled our bags, we headed back to the house. A nice cool beer later, Jerry and i headed to the plot where they are building their house. The building is in the early stages but it is clear that its gonna look pretty good once its finished.



By the time we returned to the house, Vicky had put the cherries we picked to good use with a cobbler, but first there was a touring bikers perfect meal of rice and chicken with loads of veg. The cobbler was excellent, with the added challenge of avoiding the pips that had earlier evaded Jerry and the piter.


Well fed, i was ready for bed. Lewistown Montana was already erasing the memories of its namesake in Idaho.



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3 responses to “Day 21: Deja vu, Lewistown take two.

  1. i love vicky! She gave you vegetables. What incredibly generous people. It must have been heaven to eat home cooked food and sleep in a soft bed. Hopefully we can return the favour should they ever have another trip to Scotland. You should get a few miles out of that cherry cobbler. xxxxx


    The lost boy look worked well. Gerry and Vicky are very nice people. We have invited them to scotland to return their hospitality. That what the trip is all about meeting interesting people

  3. Kathleen

    Hey Sam, your story of Lewiston MT reminds me of my experience in Lewiston MT! I was heading west, not east, and was hunkered down about 10 mi. E. of town behind a guard rail to get out of the strong headwind as I ate a snack. A middle-aged couple in a pick up stopped to ask if I was ok. I explained that I was fine, just taking a break and getting out of the tiresome headwind for a bit. Well, they invited me to their home, which, as you well know, is hard to pass up…and they had a decal/sticker business. They looked at my “plain jane” old bike and said they would make a label for it. I had been calling my trip “Pedaling in the Shadow of Lewis and Clark” so that is the label my trusty old stead of a bike still has after all of these years, in beautiful lettering. So, Lewiston MT is filled with generous folks!

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