Day 20: Blowing in the wind

Was still dark when i arose this morning, which takes my lifetime total of waking before the sun to 12. It was a strange morning, usually at around 7am, its starting to get pretty light, but today it was muggy and still quite dark. I waited a bit longer and then headed off. It was a strange morning, riding was easy, the sun was out but it was still not too hot. I passed through Geraldine and square butte. It wasn’t until i stopped at a view point (no picture cause there was no view) that i realised that i was riding with quite a strong tail wind. The next bit of riding was nice, i took a video to illustrate how little scenery there was and to explain my lack of photos today, the video doesn’t require sound, probably just wind anyway. Bit of a problem with the video, will try rectify asap, for now there is no video.


Riding continued to be easy until i took a sharp turn and started heading east again. The wind was still strong but now it was a cross wind. Its amazing how such a heavy bike can feel so light, acting almost like a sail in the wind. The next five miles, although flat, were very tough. It was like going straight up hill. And what followed this five miles was a period of straight up hill. The hill gained about 600 feet but was only a little over a mile long. It seemed to take forever but once i was at the top, i changed direction and once again the wind was at my back. The last few miles into Denton were fine, nice and flat and i arrived into the small town at around midday. After getting some lunch, i headed to the campsite(city park). The park was right next to the towns (American) football fields and before long, the local junior team had started practising.


Now this rag tag team of misfits may not have looked like professionals but sometimes looks can be deceiving. However, in this case they weren’t. The plan always seemed to fall apart and ended with the plan of give it to the big fat kid, who will run straight and score cause everyone else was afraid to tackle him, pretty effective. Once practise was over i headed back to the only cafe in town for some dinner. Well fed, i headed back to my camp for bed. Immediately after getting into the tent i realised that the ground was very uncomfortable. Too lazy to move the whole tent, i decided to stay as i was. Tomorrow’s target is Lewistown.



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3 responses to “Day 20: Blowing in the wind

  1. You are exaggerating now! I really don’t think you have been up before the sun as many as 12 times. Sounds like a tough day. Your dad can vouch for the barrier of wind. It took him 2 hours to get back from Lochgelly once.Looking forward to the video. xxxxx


    That is the one advantage of being a fat kid score lots of touch downs.
    The wind is tougher than the hills

  3. Kathleen

    Yeah for tail winds!!!!

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