Day 18: Flat day (the good kind).

Was a wee bit chilly in the tent last night, so my long sleeve underarmour made its long awaited debut. Set off nice and early again and decided to leave the underarmour on. After about ten minutes riding and one minor hill, the underarmour was off and normal service resumed. Today’s elevation profile was looking pretty flat, if even a little downhill. The destination, the relatively big city of great falls. I left around 8.30 and arrived in great falls, 54 miles away, at around 12.




In fact, riding was so good and fast that i don’t really have any pictures or stories. I arrived in great falls, and for lack of a better option, i checked into a motel. Probably the best motel so far. Phone call home, followed by an inspirational phone call with Jon, who suggested epidrine, to make them long days a bit easier:) Then i watched a little tv before heading back into the heat in search of Sun tan lotion(i ran out yesterday). I headed for the closest big supermarket which was 1.5 miles away, still thinking in bike terms, this doesn’t seem so bad, but no foot, it took a while. After leaving the supermarket, the sky’s darkened. Was there rain in the air?? Sure enough, the first glorious drop hit me, after complaining about the rain all summer, its amazing how fast you grow to miss it. The rain kept falling for about 10 minutes, still hot though, then back to sunshine.


I got back to the motel, watched tv, had a very forgettable Chinese dinner, did some blog, planned tomorrow and off to sleep in the biggest bed yet.



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12 responses to “Day 18: Flat day (the good kind).

  1. Kathleen

    You are doing great!

  2. Les

    Your mum and dad must have been SO delighted with that phone call!! You are making great progress, can’t believe that you cover such a long distance in such a short time!!
    Boks had a very lack lustre performance against Argentina on Sat but Protea’s trounced England in the 2nd ODI last night – 1st one washed out by rain – were doing good :o)!!

  3. jonathan Yudelman

    Great work cuz. The bokke need some of ur inspiration. They r looking rather awful atm. Any chance u can do the Argus cycle tour in CT in march/april time? I want to do it. Its 109km but the furthest I have eva ridden is around my garden 3 times. Good luck with the rest of ur trip. #tartanarmy

    • Hey hey, thanks for the message, yeah i would love to do the Argus. Don’t worry, you just need to find the ‘zone’ and you can ride forever. Although i haven’t found it yet, so it might take a while. Hope you’re well. #Perthisthebokssecondhome.

  4. ivan

    Chinese not healthy enough for les
    hope all goes well with the next leg of the journey.
    You want rain we have plenty here

  5. Kenny Piercy

    Hey Sam great adventure Annette and I are avid blog readers been to the US a few times however never went anywhere slow enough to smell the country side we where discussing how brave/confidant you are doing this with no support crew… Keep it up and enjoy
    Kenny & Annette

  6. Amy Brenkel

    Good going bro!! you are doing wonderfully xxx

  7. Great chatting to you last night. Isnt google earth amazing. felt like i was sitting right beside you. You are doing a great job. xxxxxxx

  8. Hi Sam
    We have been cycling the river Elbe in
    Germany. It was extremely hot (39 centigrade) for the first few days but was pretty flat (although we were going upstream!). I can’t imagine how you can cycle all day uphill in that heat, fully laden! That is quite an achievement!

  9. I’m amazed how many towns there are in America that I have never heard of!
    Are the Americans talking about the presidential election?
    Who do they think will win?

  10. The Granny

    Great to talk to you Sam on the phone. You are going well . Hope the next stage is a bit less arduous with more downhill stretches!!

  11. Great work Sam, keep reeling in the miles. You’ve even got a mention in the Dunfermline Press (aka ‘The Deep Depression’) and raised the tone. I notice in todays pictures other vehicles – up to now I thought that you had the whole road to yourself!

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