Day 17: Taking the high road

On the route today stood the imposing figure of rogers pass, standing at 5,600 feet, this should signal kid highest point of my trip( baring any unpleasant surprises on the east coast). Unsurprisingly, going was slow, it took about 2 hours of mostly climbing to reach the summit but then there it was, just passed Americas coldest ever spot, the very unspectacular rogers pass.




A long down hill then followed, only slightly interrupted by another flat tyre, no problem though Im pretty fast at fixing them now. The next bit was rolling hills, with more uphills than i expected and cared for. About 20 miles from my destination of Augusta, i planned a food stop at a restaurant on my map. It was clear from quite far away that the cafe was very closed and had been for a while. So i had a banana and carried on. Surprisingly, the final 20 miles of the day, usually the hardest, went really nicely, riding was mostly flat, so i put my music in and flew along the road. Before long i was in Augusta, had some pre dinner and headed to the camp ground. The campsite was nice, only the second camp so far that i could get my tent pegs in the ground. With a backdrop of the rocky mountains that i just travelled through. Then i headed back into town, (30 seconds walk) to get some dinner. They even had the panthers on the tv, gotta love them panthers. I headed back to camp and settled in, great falls is the aim for tomorrow.




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7 responses to “Day 17: Taking the high road

  1. Angus

    Good to hear you’re back on the road, mate (I was getting withdrawl sysmptoms without the regular updates!). Checked out Rogers Pass on GoogleMaps – seem to be a awful lot of hills around there! I zoomed-in but couldnt see you cycling by…just a mangy looking coyote and some tumble-weed!

  2. ivan

    The coldest point and the highest point well done. You seem to be flying now.
    Keep up the good work loving the blog

  3. Anne Jonas

    Loving these blogs Sam! So how cold was it??

  4. Hanneke van Niekerk

    Must have been a real disappointment when your planned cafe turned out to be a ‘has been’. You are doing real well. Well done, it must be really tuff at times. I will follow your progess with interest.

  5. Aw you are all by yourself in that big field. Did no neighbours arrive? Well at least they wouldnt keep you awake. Good cycling. Surely it must get a bit easier soon.

  6. Kathleen

    Hey Sam, you are doing great!
    Just a word of warning, however…even though you may be at the highest elevation of your route…the hills in the eastern section of the US tend to be steeper grades, sorry for the unpleasant news!
    I am enjoying living vicariously through your adventure as I begin a new school year with my kindergarten students! Keep pedaling…

  7. Bert

    Vasbyt boet!
    If you don’t understand what I’ve just written, please ask your Dad!
    Keep the updates and photos coming —- almost feels as if I’m with you on this ride (except no pain!). Enjoy and don’t forget to smell the roses/shrubs/trees/etc on the way 🙂

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