Day 16: On the road again

Last nights full house did bring some sleeping problems, what can only be described as relentlessly powerful snoring. Fortunately other guests put stop to it by throwing items at the offender until he stopped. Before long, i was on the road again. This was to be a long day of mostly uphill. The day started nicely and i was making good progress, the next few days i will be following the blackfoot and sun rivers.




I soon left the river and the heat once more increased. Riding was pretty tough, consistently uphill, very little shade and high temperatures. After stopping for a refuel, i was on my way again. Finally i rolled into Lincoln after a really long day. I headed for a steak house and had a great dinner. The plan was to camp but the waiter suggested that i try a hostel that is designed for cyclists. I headed over, not wanting a repeat of last night, i made sure that the room had no other guests, it didn’t so i gratefully went for it. Four beds to myself, looking forward to a good sleep after a long day.





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3 responses to “Day 16: On the road again

  1. Les

    Lovely pictures Sam – I hope you obeyed the rules :o)

  2. ivan

    I think i Will send the picture of the paper work to our managers

  3. Kathleen

    Enjoying your photos!

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