Day 15: Bike gets checked up while the body rests

As has become customary, this rest day started with some washing, almost all my washing to be correct. I then headed into town to get some food and sat by the river for a bit.


After a short visit round the city, i went to pick up the bike which i dropped off at a store yesterday to get checked out. The guys were really good and got the bike looking brand new again. I then went for some more food and headed back to the hostel. I was planning to get some dinner and early night to bed but decided that today’s blog was not good or long enough for my avid readers, so Im off to explore i little more.

Just as i was writing this, a few people from the hostel were heading out for dinner, so i went with them. A good cycling meal of chicken mack n cheese later and i am ready to get back on the bike tomorrow. Hopefully a now full hostel room doesn’t interrupt my beauty sleep.



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6 responses to “Day 15: Bike gets checked up while the body rests

  1. What happened to the carrots?!!. Hope you enjoyed the company at dinner. Have you broken the back of the rockies now? xxxx

  2. I am on the old girls site so all the 2nd mothers comments are from me not her. I can sound like her if you want. WHERE ARE THE CARROTS

  3. The Granny

    VERY impressed with what you have achieved Sam! ——- and——– this is obviously all down to your much improved diet! Good luck for the next stage.Xxx
    Ps, do they have fruit in Montana?

  4. Anne

    Love reading the updates! Pretty impressive. Thought I have been leaving comments prior to this but not sure if I actually have. Keep going and enjoying all that good ol American cooking!

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