Day 13: What’s the rush?

Today’s destination was a lodge/campsite 40 miles along the road. The short distance and yesterday’s cool temperatures meant that i decided to get a later start than usual, with the river being an ever present cool down option. I set off around 10.30 and enjoyed the same riding conditions from the previous day. I was taking my time, plenty stops to enjoy the river.




The day went without hitch, and i arrived at Locha Lodge at around 3pm. The lodge has a variety of cabins as well as a large restaurant. I was enjoying my first meal in the restaurant, i asked the waiter where the campsite was, he pain i could just camp outside on the lawn for free.


Relaxing in the shade outside, i got talking to Marcus. A Swiss rider who had just arrived at the lodge. To my surprise and delight, he was heading east with the same destination for tomorrow. He advised me where to set up camp, and said i could get access to the showers for $5. I set up camp, able to get my tent pegs in for the first time and headed for the showers. This far superior camp made me question last nights even more. I then headed back to the restaurant for a carb filled dinner of chicken and pasta. I ate with Marcus, it was nice to discuss stories from the road and him being a far more experienced bike traveller gave me some good advice to stay positive on the road. Another nice days cycling, Missoula is the target tomorrow, starting off with the ascent up the 5,200 feet lolo pass.



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3 responses to “Day 13: What’s the rush?

  1. Kathleen

    Glad you found a fellow rider, and one who is willing to share advice!

  2. Gosh people are very helpful in the states. Must be your charm and good humour that is encouraging them. The cycle today looks stunning.

  3. your mother is horrified at your meal choice .
    Keep going boy you are doing well

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