Day 12: What’s that blocking the sun?

Woke up usual time this morning, and headed out side. It wasn’t hot!? I looked up and blocking the sun appeared to be some sort of white magic. Pleasantly surprised, i set off. The destination for the day was a campsite about 50 miles away in the middle of no where. The next couple of days would follow state route 12 which weaves along the river the whole way. It was really nice riding, predominantly uphill, but only slightly and the cool temperatures and stunning scenery made for a pleasant morning.





I stopped in Lowell for something to eat, and then continued on my way.
The sun was back out again shortly but the book breeze from the river and plenty shade from the trees kept it pleasant.



I then met a Dutch couple cycling the opposite direction. Henk and Marja were nearing the end of a mammoth cross country trip, certainly taking no short cuts. They suggested that i head south a little to the yellowstone national park, a couple other people have made the same suggestion, so i may alter the route slightly in the coming weeks. The rest of the day was nice cycling, a great improvement from the previous two tough days.



I reached the campsite and set up camp. The site only cost $8 but i questioned what i was actually paying for(in my head obviously). The ground was again rock hard and no showers or anything. But it was a really nice spot by the river so i had dinner(stove worked!!) and then sat reading until dark, then hit the bed. Soon discovered that i set up on quite a steep hill, no problems though, i was soon asleep and sleeping well.




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4 responses to “Day 12: What’s that blocking the sun?

  1. Kathleen

    Yellowstone National Park would be very interesting to you!

  2. No wonder I couldn’t find Lowell on the map. Stunning pics and im very jealous of your campsite (except i would def need showers, toilets and electricity. Otherwise perfect!) Hope the white magic reappears. xxxxx

  3. Stunning pictures. This is the first time I would have like to be cycling with you. I could do without the hills but would like to cycle next to that river
    Keep up the good work and good blog. Sounds like you should go to yellowstone

  4. sandy

    Heard that yellowstone is worth seeing it is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. Say hi to old gyser

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