Day 11: It was supposed to be downhill

After yesterday’s tough day, i already decided to cut today short and head for Kamiah. Today would see a 2000 feet drop in elevation, sounds easy? It wasn’t! The first 30 miles or so consisted of rolling hills despite the map showing down hill all the way.



Again the picture above doesn’t look steep, but it was and it was long. After what seemed like an age of hill climbs i decided to take a short lie down in some shade. A construction worker came past, i asked how far to kamiah, he replied about 8 miles but after this hill it is mostly all down hill. I’ve heard that before, people don’t realise hills when they are in a car, it all seems flat. Fortunately, he was exactly right, the next 6/7 miles were all nicely down hill, i cruised into town, headed for a cafe and then got a motel. Its been a tough two days, with more climbing to come. Definitely no more updates for a couple days, so patience will be needed. Oh and for those worried about my diet, i had carrots for dinner tonight(and hot dogs).



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5 responses to “Day 11: It was supposed to be downhill

  1. Kathleen

    You are spot on about people in cars not knowing that they in fact are driving up hill!
    I recall the sign about the railroad trestles that you included in your post!

  2. Angus

    Sounds like a gruelling couple of days, Sam. Those country folk sure do seem real nice though – especially the waitress in Winchester (did I hear a twang of banjoes in the background?). Glad you managed to wash your shoes – did you paint them too or did they come that colour?!

  3. Well sure am glad about the carrots! And that the shoes are now washed. This is great reading, very funny. it wouldn’t be nearly such fun if everything was going exactly to plan. Happy hill climbing! xxx

  4. Neil

    Hows things Bradley Brenkel? DWCC have been relegated so its been ‘downhill’ for all of us!! Thankfully Zeus netted the second against Helsinborgs to give us a tasty (not as tasy as your carrots) 2-0 lead to take to Paradise next week. Keep up the good work. We have delayed the DWCC end of season doo until you get back BYT


    Hi Sammy boy

    well done getting up that hill. Bradley will be worried. Enjoy the downhill.

    Getting ready to beat Liverpool tomorrow,
    They have left Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez, Martin Skrtel and Glen Johnson out.

    Hope to speak on Friday


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