Day 10: Here we go Idaho

After yesterday’s false start, i was well rested for the tough day ahead. After crossing into Idaho(3rd state) for officially the first time,the day started with a climb up the same hill that almost finished me a couple of days ago, this time i made it with less complaints and was on my way.



A minor detour through a field(not sure i followed the maps perfectly) and i was at the bottom of the 8 mile climb. Unfortunately the detour meant i arrived at the hill at around 11, not ideal. Going was slow, real slow, with more breaks than a game of snooker. Im glad Im not doing average speeds for the days, because today was not impressive. About half way up, i stopped at a house that was owned by a guy called Rob, he filled up my bottles and my shirt with ice and i was on my way again. I finally reached the top of the hill and headed a few miles to the only town in the vicinity. Winchester is a small town but has a shop, camping, cafe and a motel.


I headed to the cafe for some food. Somehow i managed to order an iced tea without even realising it. It was bad, managed to restrain myself from explaining that i am speaking correct English and if she can’t understand me then she should rectify it. I obviously ordered the burger, it was good but to be honest i was so hungry i would have probably eaten my newly cleaned left shoe if i didn’t need it tomorrow. I then headed up to where the campsite was supposed to be, all that i could find was an old style western town, only for show and there was no one around. Im sure the old western village with all the funny signs is normally hilarious but after 8 hours of hill climbing i was not in the mood. I then climbed a fence to try find the campsite and managed to trip on the way back over and land on my face, again might have been funny another time but not today. Embarrassed and tired i headed for the motel. The owner was asking my details, “where you from”, “Scotland in the UK” i answered. A bit later she asked whether the Ukraine was part of Russia, a random question i thought, i confused replied no. It wasn’t until a bit later that i realised why she had asked, so i explained that UK stands for united kingdom and Scotland is part of it. She must have thought i spoke real good English for a Russian. Not wanting to stick around winchester in the morning, i headed for an early bed.



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6 responses to “Day 10: Here we go Idaho

  1. Anne Jonas

    Am loving these blogs! Middle America will definitely not understand you!! Haha. And iced tea does grow in you… Believe me. I now drink it as a drink of choice đŸ™‚ keep it up!

  2. Kathleen

    Enjoying your adventures vicariously, even the parts that you are not so fond of…

  3. Les

    We are all chuckling at your expense Sam – so good to have these posts to read today :o) xx

  4. Les

    Just to add …in case no one else has told you – the Boks thrashed Argentina on Saturday and the Proteas beat England in a real nail biter Test series to go to no 1 in the world ranking. That should encourage you up those hills :o)

  5. The Granny

    Thank goodness —- more blog to read. I was worried that you were maybe lost forever in the Rockies. Glad you still seem to be able to see the funny side of what seems to me to be kinda hard work!! Good for you, Sam!


    Very funny You may have found you vocation
    Writing. look forward to the next blog

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