Day 9: Ready steady Ida…, false start

Woke up real early today(5am). Just as my eyes were beginning to wake up(5.15am) i noticed that my troublesome front tyre looked a little flat, sure enough, another flat. Started trying to fix it, continued to try fix it, then gave up trying to fix it before trying to fix it again before finally giving up. By the time i had actually fixed it it was already around 8. Today was going to be a tough day with around 30 miles slightly up hill followed by 8 miles of directly up hill, in all around 3000 feet of elevation gain. Not wanting to hit the steep part of the day at hot o’clock and not wanting to head into the hills without any spare tubes, i made the tough decision to stay the day here. The original plan was to stay at the motel until the bike shop opened at 11 and then head a few miles down the road to a campsite. But then graham, who runs the motel offered to let me stay for free, he was very convincing so i agreed. So the day was spent with an uneventful trip to the bike store and a first, well needed wash for my shoes.



The rest of the day was spent trying to control my excitement over tomorrows big climb.



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2 responses to “Day 9: Ready steady Ida…, false start

  1. hope dad doesnt see this sign. He will be expecting alcoholic beveridges to relieve the stress of me cutting his hair.For one horrible minute I thought that you had washed your shoes in the toilet! Even they cant be that smelly. Good luck with climbing. xxxxx

  2. raphaelle

    I am confused… You took a picture of the sign but did not mention a hair cut or a beer. Did you miss out on such a unique opportunity?!

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