Day 8: Rolling outta Washington

Up real early again, not as difficult when sleeping in the tent. Set off (without paying, i figured they owed me for the bee’s) and i was immediately climbing. The gradient was pleasant and the temperature was still cool. Without too much of a problem i had reached the highest point of the trip so far. There was even a sign!


After that was a ten mile down hill, which was pretty good:) The route would then be flat nor the ten miles or so before i reached the border.


About 6 miles out, i joined parallel with the snake river, which i hope is so named because it looks like a snake and not because its full of them. The river did produce some nice scenery.







Before long, i was in Clarkston, my destination for the day. Although i am a little worried about what it says on the welcome sign.




I arrived in town about 9am and set about finding a motel. I had been recommended a motel that is run by an Englishman, so i gave him a call, he was great, had a room set up already so i headed there. I had no phone signal yesterday and the network that i am on seems to be pretty non existent right across to Minnesota. So i decided to try get another sim card with better coverage. Verizon seem to have the best coverage so i looked up a store nearby where i could get one. There was a store in neighbouring Lewiston, which is actually across the Idaho border. I gave them a call, they said no problem just head in, so i did. The shop was about 5 miles away so i decided Ty take my things of the bike and ride to it. It was actually quite nice riding the bike without all my equipment on the back. I crossed the blue bridge into Idaho (photo tomorrow). I hadn’t really checked where the shop was, i was just following the map on my phone. In the distance, on top of the hill, i could see a shopping complex. I thought to myself, “glad Im not going up there”. I wasn’t, i was going about 2 miles up hill past it!! It took me about 1 and a half hours to get there, by this time it had reached hot o’clock. The only picture that does the hill justice is the one of me lying down looking worse for wear.



I collapsed through the shop door and explained what i wanted. “Im sorry, verizon don’t do sim cards”, thanks see you later. He did suggest that other networks do and they have a shop back at the bottom of the hill. The next shop suggested a pre paid phone but they were out so i should try walmart. She started to explain where walmart was, i interrupted, i know where it is, its two minutes from my motel! Headed back cross the bridge to the motel. Also noticed that Lewiston main street seems to suffer in the same way as Edinburgh.


Got a phone from walmart, then went to get dinner from tomato bros. Got a chicken dinner, it was awesome. If you are ever in Clarkston them definitely head to tomato bros. Well fed and well practised for some hill climbing, i am ready to take on the rockies. Not gonna be any signal up there, so there won’t be any posts for a few days.



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10 responses to “Day 8: Rolling outta Washington

  1. I thought you were in Oregon. I heard on the radio they’ve discovered a new breed of spiider there- 3 inch body, long legs, claws and teeth! Watch out!
    We’re off on our cycling holiday to Germany today- not quite on the scale of your trip but we’re really looking forward to it.
    So, from one cyclist to another- keep them wheels rolling!

  2. Ha that is very funny. Glad to see you managed to fill in the day productively! that picture of you on the ground brings back memories of your first attempt at the training hill. You have come a long way since then. Did you have pain in your ears?! Just read Catriona’s comment and now I also have spiders with teeth to add to the list of things to keep me awake. Go well in the rockies. Im sure the scenery will be stunning and help to keep those legs spinning. Great bike by the way. xxxx


    Very funny story. The last thing you needed was hills before the Rockies. Good luck for tomorrow. I like the way they said good Sam. Also like the wide cycle lanes. Remember what goes up must come down as you clinbing think of the free wheeling on the other side

  4. Les

    New routine in the Solomon household …. wake up early, rush to pc for the latest Sam adventure – great stuff :o)!!! Good luck with Rockies, as your dad said there’s a great free wheel on the other side xx

  5. Kathleen

    Do you use the term “wild goose chase” in Scotland? That is what you just experienced!

  6. Looking forward to some pics of their Rockies. You seem to be passing through some stunning scenery. Hope your legs are feeling strong for the next few days…..enjoy the rockies!

  7. The Granny

    Was just thinking the other day that apart from mashed up deer, you haven’t mentioned any other wild life———– too bad the next encounter was with bees!!
    Your progress along the route is impressive. Great stuff !

  8. Bert

    Re picture of you — what were you smoking at the time? 🙂 Enjoying your reports and keep on posting — also enjoy the photos. One consolation: you could consider a future in journalism — your blog is funny and a good read. Good luck in the Rockies and don’t overdo it! (By the way, Boks beat Argentina 27 – 6 in opening game of the 4 nations! Don’t think this info is readily available in USA)

  9. sandy, silas and victoria

    Love the pics Hope the rockies are good to you They are beautiful though.
    Keep peddaling and good luck we will keep watching

  10. Bonar

    Hi Sam,
    Just worked out the technology to get on to website – great stories Sam keep them going so that I can read them as bedtime stories. We dont know when you will get back into signal after your assent of the Rockies, my news of cycling over Hill of Beath may now be quite as impressive now.
    The family news is just as drastic, your sister has moved back in and your dad has let your room out to one of his SA friends – you had to be told !!
    We are looking forward to the daily diary – when your sense of humour goes then we will know you are in trouble.
    Remember to do a warm down cycle each evening !!
    get cycling


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