Day 7: Powering to Pomeroy

After a nice rest day, i was up and ready to go by a record so far of 6.30am. The plan was to get to the Washington/Idaho border in two days, so today would end somewhere in between. The day started with a climb to around 1700 feet, following this was a nice long down hill through the pleasant little town of Waitsburg. Following this was Dayton, a possible destination for the day, but i had made good progress and it was still only around 9am, So i continued. The riding was really nice, even better than the previous days, with frequent shade and low temperatures. I arrived in Pomeroy at around 12 having already completed nearly 70 miles. I was feeling pretty good and even considered trying to complete the 30 miles left of Washington. I had some lunch, looked at the map and decided against it. The last 30 miles includes a pretty big hill that stretches for 8 miles, trying to climb it in the hottest part of the day didn’t appeal to me. So i started looking for places to stay. I decided i would head down to a campground about a mile outside town. It seemed fine so i set up. I sat in a little hut to check the next maps, when i realised that there was a couple of bee’s around, then there was a couple more, i soon discovered 3 separate hives. I got out of these fast. I headed back to town and sat in a restaurant for most of the day, i spent an average of $1 an hour, they were nice about it. Not a long day tomorrow but a hill to start, i set up camp and went to bed. I didn’t take many pictures today so i thought i would put some of the bike up.


The route i am following







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  1. Aaah bees. Dont end up with a hand like you had in Kenya. Good mileage today. Oupa will be right about those legs. That little yellow sticker is making great progress across the map. Keep it up. xxxxxxx

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