Day 6: Resting the engine

Woke up 3 hours before my alarm, what’s going on!?!? Had a relaxing morning, did some more washing and in the afternoon headed to get a new pump. The walk through the town was nice, there is a university in walla walla and suddenly i saw my first frat house.



It must be holidays cause it didn’t seem like any crazy frat stuff was going on. The rest of the town was nice. The staff at the bike store were not very helpful, the first guy i asked about pumps explained that he “doesn’t know much about bikes” . I chose a pump, tried it out and set off.



Got back to the room, cooled off and then went for dinner. Across the street is a really cool cafe that’s inside a old train carriage, bit pricey though, so i headed to the Mexican diner next door. No idea what i ordered, but it was big and pretty good.



Now i need to pack up for another early start tomorrow. The elevation goes up a notch now, good to have a day off before it.



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8 responses to “Day 6: Resting the engine

  1. Glad the engine is rested and stoked. You will need it for the rockys and you never know you may need that under armour yet. You are doing great. That wee yellow sticker is creeping across the map! Have a good day. xxxx

  2. Kathleen

    Rest days are a good idea!

  3. Les

    What’s with the salad Sambo? Poms giving SA a bit of a klap on the first day of the final test at Lords. 70/4 after the first session. Keep your eyes off the cheerleaders. You don’t want to get sidetracked.Derek

  4. Josh

    Good blog Sam. You seem to be doing well. We keep following you !! in spirit that is

  5. PaulN

    Hey Sam, just checked out your blog and I have to say I’m rather impressed. I’ll definitely be following from now on to see how many pizza related adventures you get up to! Good luck for the rest of the trip and no need to worry about your opening spot as Calum filled your boot admirably (32) on Saturday!

  6. The Granny

    Sam–I can’t believe you have got as far as Pomeroy on JUNK FOOD !!!!!!

  7. Enjoying the blog Sam…….hope the going is good tomorrow!

  8. Kat

    Hi Sam, don’t know you but just heard about what you’re doing via the HW newsletter and wanted to say good on you! Hope you raise lots of cash for CHAS!

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