Day 5: Flat day and bye bye Oregon.

Earliest start of the trip so far today. I knew that the day was going to end with a climb into walla walla and didn’t want to arrive late in the day. This plan was soon ruined. Riding was going fine, but a the front tyre was making a noise so i stopped and yup, first flat tyre! Not to worry, I’ve been on a course:) I took the wheel off, found the cause, found the hole, put the patch on and set about inflating it. It was then that i quickly found out that the pump i brought with me didn’t fit the tubes that i got here. Miles from anywhere, i started trying to flag down some help. It wasn’t long before Rich stopped to help out. He was brilliant, pretty much did everything for me. An hours delay but i was off again.


The next 30 miles or so were the best riding so far, the Columbia river on my left, and large cliffs to my right, creating plenty shade. Before i knew it, i was out of Oregon for the last time and back into Washington.





I bit further and i left the Columbia river, my travel companion for the past few days. Then things got hotter again, but before it got too hot, i was in walla walla. I was already thinking about having a day off tomorrow, finding another flat once i had arrived made it an easy decision. Walla walla is a pretty big town and is the last chance to get a new pump for a while. I booked into a motel, air con on full and got a pizza hut delivered to my room:) Rest day tomorrow.




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2 responses to “Day 5: Flat day and bye bye Oregon.

  1. Kathleen

    2 flats already, you have been baptized by the road!
    Welcome to Washington!

  2. raphaelle

    Very healthy food habits I see! Have fun, good luck for the rest of the trip!

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