Day 4: Bring on the air con

The plan for today was to complete the long baron stretch to Umatilla that i started yesterday. Yesterday’s miles meant that there was only 30 miles to go today. I set off early to beat the heat. About 15 miles in, i stopped to refuel with some breakfast. Wary of the time, i set off quite sharpish and arrived at Umatilla around 12. Today’s ride was pretty uneventful, although i did get my daily cut. I seem to pick up little cuts on my leg quite frequently, probably from getting on and off the bike. I don’t even notice that it has happened, but because i don’t do anything about it and then the wind catches the blood, it makes the tiniest cuts look pretty gruesome. I checked into a motel, turned the air con on full blast and turned the tv on. Spent the day watching tv, doing washing and catching up on the blog. I got a microwaveable pizza for lunch and another for dinner. Aiming for walla walla tomorrow.





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11 responses to “Day 4: Bring on the air con

  1. Ah so you have traded the burgers for pizzas. At least there weren’t five of them. Heathers tip to keep cool is a good one. Hopefully Walla walla (great name) will be cooler.Pretty cosy here too. x

  2. Les

    Pizza looks yummy but be sure to get some greens in :o)
    Cape Town is freezing and very wet, you could send us a sunbeam or two!! Wish I could see a map of your exact route – any chance of that ? Enjoy tomorrow xx

    • Hi les, thanks for your messages. Yeah the map i put up isn’t very clear, the link under the maps in ‘the route’ section gives a better idea of the exact route i will take. Also If you click the link at the top of the page called ‘follow me’ then there is a map that i update daily with my location. Hope that helps, hope you’re both well.xx

  3. Kathleen

    Did you get duct tape on that fender part?
    Walla Walla is famous for, of all things, onions!
    I have Walla Walla onions growing in my garden, eat up!
    Glad you are getting out early for your rides!

  4. Tristan

    Hi, Sam we meet when you were at crow butte park. My parents (Joyce and Brad) haven’t been able to get to a computer yet to track you and asked that I check out your blog for them. Glad you are getting an earlier start and enjoying your journey!

  5. Like the cycling shirt…very distinctive! Enjoy the onions in Walla Walla!

  6. riki

    Hi Sam, enjoying the blog, trying to figure out the time difference so i know when the next ones coming…. sounds like its tough going!! Hope you’re having fun though. Be safe and hopefully see lots more photos soon!
    I like the look of Walla walla!

  7. Amy

    Hello!! Hows it going lil bro? I’m liking the blogs! Hope the heat breaks for you soon then it will get much easier. We are driving home in the morning. Took a lot longer than expected to clear out the house. Having another night on the floor! liking the pics.. keep them coming. lots of love

  8. Great to read about your trip, Sam. What an adventure!
    Kathleen sounds like quite a girl!
    Might I suggest that cycling across America might sometime require more nutritious fuel than microwaveable pizzas and MacDonalds?
    All the best. Keep cool!

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