Day 3: Out of the frying pan….

I heeded Kathleen’s advice and set off earlier today, although by the end of the day i wish i had left even earlier. The day started with a hill climb out of town but with little heat, it proved no problem. By this time, i had now crossed back into Washington and would be travelling on state route 14 for the rest of the day. The road was nice with a constant view of the river, but as the heat increased, it became clear that there was very very seldom shade areas. I made it to my lunch stop in decent time. I have taken quite a while for meals during the day so far to try and cool down, probably something i will need to change because it just gets hotter throughout the day, reaching a peak at around 6. I set off after lunch for my destination of crow butte park campsite about 20 away. The lack of shade continued and riding was tough. The roads were quiet so i put my music on and headed slowly for the park. Over the past couple of days i have seen a few dead deer at the side of the road (don’t worry no pictures) despite there mashed appearance, i am pretty sure they all died of heat exhaustion. Finally the park came into view and day three was over.


I set up camp and then set about making dinner with my new stove. Obviously a camping novice like me was unable to work the stove, so i went to seek help. I headed over to Joyce who runs the park and lives with her husband Brad, a Vietnam veteran. She suggested that i join them for dinner, i gratefully accepted. Dinner was really good as was getting to know such a generous and interesting couple. I stayed until dark and then headed to bed. Not before they have me a care package, pictured below. A nice end to a tough day. Tomorrow will be a shorter day, destination Umatilla. Oh and please keep the comments coming, they really do help.




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13 responses to “Day 3: Out of the frying pan….

  1. Heather

    Well done Sam – you are using your natural charm to get help, food, friendship etc!! Have you got a buff? I found it really helpful when it was very hot to soak one in cold water and wear it dripping down the back of my neck under my helmet! Very early starts may help the mileage and less traffic too. Lots of luck – especially with that stove – or it could be a “lean” journey!

  2. Kathleen

    See what happens when you ask for help? You get a free meal (and they thus avoided the embarrassment of not being able to figure out your stove, either, you all benefited!)
    I am so happy to see you are progressing…and being wise about changing the distance in this heat (which is, by the way, above normal!)
    Go SOS! (Sam of Scotland, of course!)

  3. mother

    Well early rises and shorter days it is then. That is VERY hot,. Greece was hot but we weren’t carrying all our stuff. Just plod on as The Granny would say. You will get there and hopefully it will cool a bit soon. Kathleen sounds great. Obviously a well travelled cyclist. Have a good day today. Pouring water over my head before puting on my helmet always helped in Greece. Love you. x

    • Kirsten

      Just as well Sam was switched on and only packed two tshirts or the bag would be even heavier! P.s. loving the blog Sam!

  4. Good pictures boy. All the boys wish you well. iain, gerry, davie and paul. The cricket day out was off on Sunday. Davie had prepared by taking the monday off to recover.
    Go well today early starts is the answer It will get easier as the weather cools

  5. My computer skill are not getting better the last message was from IJB not the mother will try and find out how to sign my name

  6. Heather

    Thought I’d sent a comment from my i-phone (well Gavin’s i-phone really!) but it hasn’t appeared, so apologies if this arrives twice…..have you got a buff? I found it really helpful when it was very hot to soak a buff with cold water and wear it under my helmet, letting it drip down the back of my neck – repeat often!! And of course start really early and don’t cycle when it is hottest……you are obviously using your natural charm to make friends and get advice and even meals – keep it up – you are a star and we expect to see you joining Bradley in Rio!!

  7. Les

    I concur with Kathleen – GO SOS!! – Sam of Scotland has such a good ring to it :o) You are doing so well Sam – am so enjoying reading these posts, you will have to consider writing a book when you are done :o) We are all urging you on and can’t wait to read about your next adventure xxx

  8. Hi Sam….see…food features again! When you work out how Operate the stove you’ll need to post a pic of your tent and camp site with a brew on! How long do you expect it to be this hot….is this the norm at this time of year?

  9. ivan

    All the best for day 4. Hope i get the hang of replying to your blog
    look forward to the next installment

  10. The Granny

    Sam, loving the Americanisms creeping into the blog. I will have to start using them. From now on every time I turn into my drive I will “hang a right”!!!!!! Loving your story—– definitely a book there !

  11. Anne Jonas

    Good going! It’s been really really hot. Hopefully it will break soon. Those deers….. Probably not heat exhaustion 😦 enjoying this and all the comments.

  12. Neil

    trust you to scrounge some food

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