Day 2: The heat and a riding buddy.

Set off around 9 after an ‘all you can eat’ breakfast at the campsite. I decided to stay on the Oregon side of the river to avoid traffic. The first hour or two went well and i made it to hood river by lunchtime. But now the heat was coming! Exiting hood river, i stopped to check my map, i must have looked sufficiently lost, because before long i was given directional advice by a fellow rider. Her name was Kathleen and she offered to ride with me. I was very glad of the company and for while i even forgot about the heat. Kathleen had already completed the route that i am currently on in the opposite direction as well as a cross America trip on the transam route. The road was closed to cars and was full of cycling, we then climbed a decent sized hill, with Kathleen patiently waiting for me to take regular breaks in the shade. We made it to the summit and were met with a spectacular view of the Columbia river.



Then followed a nice long decent and some flat but still incredibly hot riding. We eventually reached The Dalles where Kathleen was heading back home. We stopped in taco bell for some much needed cool. Said our goodbyes and we went on our way. My next destination was Biggs. It was a 20 mile, mostly flat section but by this time of the day the heat really is unbearable. Not very pleasant busy roads made it a tough stretch. Finally i made it Biggs and rented a motel room. The only restaurant in town is McDonalds, 5 cheeseburgers later, i feel asleep watching some Nfl. Originally i planned to reach umatilla tomorrow but its 83 miles away and with this heat that’s not realistic. The temperature at 8pm tonight was 95°. So i will aim for a campsite about half way.




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3 responses to “Day 2: The heat and a riding buddy.

  1. Kathleen

    Only 5 cheeseburgers?!

  2. mother

    Im sure 5 burgers dont qualify as your 5 a day!

  3. Hi Sam, trip sounds very exciting. Loving the blog to date, keep posting plenty pics so we can travel across America too!! The bike looks very professional……and heavy…..and I suspect this is contributing to the hard climbs…..however in a couple of weeks I’m sure you won’t notice the hills!!. Good luck on the bike….enjoy your travels….AndyB

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