Day 1: Destination Boston

So today it begins!! Again waking up early was easy, 7.30 train to Vancouver went without a hitch and three hours later, i was there at my starting point. Not the most glamorous starting point, but not to worry, Vancouver, WA would soon be in my rear view mirror (if i had one). However, as it did in Seattle, my internal sat nav let me down. After seeing most of Vancouver i finally found the starting point for my trip.



I set off along a nice road that had a few cyclists on it. Then the few cyclists turned into many cars, resulting in less pleasant riding. By mid day i was noticing that it was becoming pretty hot, a complaint that i think will come up again. The heat was making any hill climb a real challenge. The route continued along the Columbia river on the Washington side. Really hot and pretty tired, i swung a right over the bridge of the gods and into Oregon. The first town i came to was called cascade locks, it seemed like a nice place and i was done for the day. I spoke to a local guy and he recommended a campsite down the road, i headed there and set up camp. The ground was so hard that i could barely get the tent pegs in, i know this might welcome derogatory comments about my strength, but the ground really was solid. Had dinner in town and hit the bed. Aiming to get to biggs junction tomorrow.


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